Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Micro-Blogging Lil Yawm Al 27 Thul Qe3dah Alf O Arba3miyyeh O Tes3a Wa 3ishreen Hijri, Al Mowafeq Lil 25 Tishreen Al-Thani Alfain O Thamanyeh Miladi

-People should stop wondering if Michael Jackson had converted to Islam. After 25 years we're still unable to tell his race or gender. I don't think we'll figure out his religion by the weekend.

- I'm watching a black gay guy on TV complaining of racial discrimination in the American gay community. I invite him to come to Jordan, we don't discriminate against black people.

- I saw James Bonds' Quantum of Solace today. It's a proof that complicating the movie's name does not make it a better James Bond movie. Agree with me, Dr. No?

- I think that in America, love is overrated and marriage is underrated. In Jordan love is underrated and marriage is overrated.

- "House" is a great TV series except for.... you know... the medical stuff.

- I know some of you will hate this, but Jordanians on facebook should stop creating groups for their loved ones when they get sick and ask strangers to pray for them. Every such group ends up with the sick person dying. Can't you see it really brings bad luck? If you really care about that sick person don't just click on the button to join the group, move your lazy ass to the hospital and bring something nice with you.

- I have a Citibank credit card with 1000 dollars due. Citibank is suffering some financial difficulties and is asking Congress for help. Congress will give them billions of dollars from tax payers (like yours sincerely) to help. Hey Congress bastards, how about you give me the 1000 bucks and we're even?

- I'm hearing a report that there is an increasing number of Americans seeking work as porn stars. I guess that when given the choice of either being screwed by their angry boss at the office or being screwed by a 190 cm guy called Melvin, they went with the choice that brought them more money.
P.S. In the picture, the always hot Jessica Alba. Has no relation to this post. You're welcome.


secratea said...

you answered my question with your P.S :P
LOOOOL @ your first point! Also, his sexual orientation is in question.

mab3oos said...

the picture is indeed worth a thousand words that follow!

Hareega said...

secratea, this man is a mystery

maf3oos , you can click at the picture to enlarge. You're welcome again

Anonymous said...

I read the whole thing hopping to read something about her :P

P.S. what's up with the tittle?

Hareega said...

i like to remind people of the date

Qwaider قويدر said...

very funny bloglets :)

Hani Obaid said...

Jackson: We're also unable to tell his species!

Bond: Haven't watched it yet, So it wasn't any good ? Oh well, the new guy just isn't right for the role. I think Roger Moore was the best Bond. Pierce Brosnan looked the part but was too much of a wimp. As a kid I liked him in Remington Steele.

CC: I get my salary from Citibank, so you better pay them back that 1000 soon :P

Nas said...

""House" is a great TV series except for.... you know... the medical stuff"

it's never lupus...

maroo said...

great topic :) at least u made me laugh :)
y3nee ksbt ajer 3ala hl sube7 :)
by the way i luved that "DATE" idea :)

Devilstine™ said...

hehe! he's an alien ! cant u tell! :P JACKSON*

Ammar said...

What about those who follow the Chinese calendar?

suha said...

oh hahaha i just spent an hour reading the title o safanit shi se3a haha i am having a slow day i guess

nice little sub-blogs u got there!! I am amused

Ali said...

The facebook one is true and sad. MJ was darn funny. gay guy is not true, blacks and gays are descriminated in Jordan. Go go Porn, pays better than my job and I get screwed every single day!

lost within said...

Michael Jackson, as a kid I used to think he is creepy ! with his house and the play area he had

so u say I shudn't watch the new James bond?
I haven't watched any in ages and I am not a big fan of him anyways lol

I love house for whatever it is ! he's got an attitude lol

Devilstine™ said...

visit my blog! am i beginner!
do u allow such advertising here hareega?

Hareega said...

Hani, I think you have to see Casino royal to get Quantum of Solace, whatever man, it's less action less women less humor so to me that makes less "good" of a bond movie.

Nas... that epsiode was hilarious, if all doctors think like House and his team does all patient will be dead, except those with lupus

maroo.. you're welcome

Ammar, Chinese bloggers can make their own titles

Suha, thanks. It took me some times to write the title!

Ali, I was sarcastic about the gay black thing

LW, if not a bg fan don't watch it

Devilstine, best of luck with your blog.

Batir said...

House is such an awesome series. It is a great change from the boring love and romance series to a more pseudo-sceintific dsiplay. By the way, how do you rate "Numb3rs"?

Hareega said...

Batir, I don't know what that show is. House is really interesting to watch, I've recorded 10 epsidoes that I will watch later, but I don't people to start believing that he has ANY of the criteria that any good doctor must have.