Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I sent my passport to the medical credentialing office in Texas.
They reviewed it and approved the renewal of my visa, and sent it back to me today, by Fedex.

Now I'm sure there are a few FedEx planes that leave Texas everyday,
and one of them caught fire and crashed today, the pilots are ok, but the plane got burned pretty badly.

I hope my passport was not on that plane, I should figure that out tomorrow, but I already started imagining myself filling in the Mukhabarat application on how I lost my passport, "Uhm it was on a plane that crashed in Texas. I was not on that plane, just my passport was, I've never been to Texas, but my passport was... hatellak kaman jawaz"


Anonymous said...

LOL, You will get it back hopefully in one piece :D

Whisper said...

They will think u r one of those people who burn their passports during one of the demonstrations :$

ya lahweeeeeeee danta 7atedereb daaaaaarb :D

Inshallah ur passport was not on that plane

Qwaider قويدر said...

worse situation
Imagine if that plane ended up hitting WTC towers and EVERYTHING on the flight AND the towers was incinerated in a major fire EXCEPT for some parts of your passport ... YA KHARAAAABIII 3alla 7ayseer feek!

Yousal bil salameh inshallah :D

Whisper said...

This comment for adding "follow-up comments" to my e-mail :D

Adoosh said...

And the reply to your application would be:
"بدّك تقنعنا إنّو جوازك كان مسافر لحاله بدونك؟؟ يا بتعترف لمين بعته وبقدّيش يا بننزّلك تحت لعند أبو جودت


kinzi said...

LOL Hareega, ya wayli!

Maybe they'll grant you US citizenship. :)

(Buss-bor, heh-heh, now I get it)

London said...

Don't worry even if you lose it, shouldn't be a biggie, you'll have a new one issued in less than a few years! You know, just about the time you're ready for retirement.

Jano said...

hehehe yosal bel salameh inshallah.. update us ballah :D

bs mesh ossa eno 3ade i think.. bs you would need to send your buss-bor again there hehe

مياسي said...

if ur passport is "7edeg" enough, it should rescue itself i do not know how!!

MommaBean said...

Do you mean they took your passport wiothot issuing it it's own parachute, fire extinguisher, and flame retardent suit? What kind of barbarians are they? Did it have a homing chip at least, teehee?

Ammar said...

Next time, in the "special instructions" section of the FedEx form, write: "please take photo with Buss-Bor at each stop, preferably with a famous landmark." and have them emailed to you, just to be able to prove the whereabouts of the Buss-Bor, if needed, like now على سبيل المثال لا الحصر

In the unlikely, or in this case likely event of it being on a plane that crashed and burned in Texas, take a photo of yourself, preferebly with a famous landmark to comemorate the occasion before all hell breaks loose.

Good Luck!

p.s: The name Hareega sounds quite omenous now doesn't it?

Hareega said...

nizars thanks

Whisper, el shagleh feeha katleh

Qwaider, man you have some wide imagination !

Adoosh, sheklak emjarreb

Kinzi, if I don't get it I'll start looking for asylum applications

London, I'm just hoping it will take less than a few decades

Jano, from now one i'm going with my bussbor, wain ma biroo7 baroo7 ma3o

Mayasi, mesh 7edeg zay sa7bo

Ammar, that's great suggestion, I'll be thinking of it during my questionning

MommaBean, if it was a US passport maybe it would come with its parachute, but mine is Jordanian, it has to fly at its own risk!

mab3oos said...

if your first name on the passport is also "hareega," then you might be incriminating yourself!

anyways, I have a spare passport in case yours does not turn up, although I hope it does. good luck.

YFA said...

What no wasta?! Are you sure you're a REAL Jordanian?!

Maybe FedEx will pay for your trip back to Jordan to have a new one made. Use that line that you must apply in person for a replacement.

asoom said...

if you haven't gotten your passport and it was indeed on that plane...since this is america the more important question how are you being compensated for the inconvenience?

Hareega said...

maf3oos basha, thanks man, but it won't help much if i change my name from hareega to mab3oos.

YFA, sure, because the only thing I'm worried about is the ticket price to Jordan and not the lost passport lol

asoom, the best compensation would be an american passport, after that I will totally forgive them for any inconvenience lol

Ali said...

That was so funny man! Once, the US Embassy in Amman lost my passport! Yes, I came back to pick up my visa and they couldnt find it. I'm still sure that some Jordanian offical lost it. They refused to claim responsibility and I had to go to Police, Mukhabarat, CSPD and wait 1 month! And guess what? I came back to the Embassy to get my visa back! That was during Clinton days.

Hareega said...

Ali, it's a pain in the ass to lose it