Thursday, January 01, 2009

Some 2008 Jordanian Stations in One Super-Awesome Hit Song

I wrote this "thing" - you can call it song/poem/scribble/piece of garbage summarizing some Jordan stations in the year 2008. It's really great that we don't have a lot achievments -that made writing this much easier.

It’s the end of the year as we know it
The end of 2008, beginning of 2009
Gas prices are up, gas prices are down
And the one screwed's always the little man

Jordanian movie hit the world
Won some twenty something awards
Teenager opened fire at tourists in July
Then pointed the gun at himself and said good-bye
We sent the Olympic team to Beijing
Many medals we were told they’d bring
They got back home with no good story to be told
There wasn’t any bronze, silver or gold

It’s the end of the year as we know it ....
A man named Salameh proved to be no fag
And on the top of Everest planted a little Jordanian flag
Jerash festival was no more,
Jordan festival it was, “We'd like to explore”
the government said, but it faced objection
When people heard about the Jewish connection

It's the end of the year as we know it.....
Another year with honor killings
On our roads many teenagers were dying
In Petra Tiesto played and he was thrilling
and he's coming next year, God willing
Our football team played and lost, they never went too far
but who cares? Our Queen is the new youtube star!

It's the end of the year as we know it.....
Hamas and Fateh stopped all discussions
Georgia was bombed by the Russians
Our eyes watched Americans and their election game
how the big old Republican veteran called McCain
was crushed by a black man, Barack Hussain
In Lebanon, Baghdad, Gaza and Mumbai
we saw evil, we saw terror and I don't know why
the world stays still watching as poor people die
But I know that we'll still be watching,
we'll still be dancing to the songs of fear
the songs that the end of times is near
and this is the end of the year as we always, always know it.....


Commentator said...

"A man named Salameh proved to be no fag
And on the top of Everest planted a little Jordanian flag "

don't you think that's a bit insulting?

The Observer said...

You summed it all!

Happy new year :)

eNAS said...

I was reading with aria
that make it more fun :D , and easy to get .

but rhyme absent make it bit hard

Hareega said...

Commentator, you could see it that way, fag can just refer to a very weak person not gays

observer, same to you

eNas.. ya tayr is a wonderful wonderful song

eNAS said...

happy coz you like it

so,how much u pay for melodiz~ing your hit song :D said...

LOL, I like how you summed everything up and made it rhyme :P

P.S. When was Tiesto in Petra, wasn't that 2007?

Yousef Kawar said...

Nice blog.. Keep it up

London said...

I think you should actually sing it or have someone sing it and post it on youtube! Abu yousef :)

Ali said...

And I can add to the song...

Jordanians were let to protest without fearing of going to Jail for the first time

Jordanians were let to walk to the Israeli embassy and actualy protest anything

Jordanian member of Parliaments burned the Iraeli flag, I guess that wasnt meant to be since someone threw a cigarette by mistake on the flag!

And most importantly, Jordanian solidarity with the Palestinians and their generous donations to Gaza, something to be proud of

Ali said...

I support Commentator, enough with racist namings, naming someone a fag is like naming a Muslim a terrorist, go figure it out