Thursday, January 08, 2009

On What's Happening in Palestine

- Jordanians have the right to demonstrate in front of the Israeli embassy in Amman. They were not involved in the decision to sign a peace treaty with Israel, and nobody asked if it was a good idea to open that embassy in Amman. If the US really cares about the people's opinion they should pressure our government to close the embassy.

- Also if the US cares about democracy in the Arab world, here's an Arab regime for you elected by Arab people in fair and just elections: Hamas.

- There's nothing wrong in questioning everything Hamas has done. Supporting Hamas blindly is the same as supporting another Arab regime blindly.

- There's nothing wrong in being emotional. Jews were very emotional about establishing a homeland and that how they founded Israel. We sure need to put more thoughts in whatever we're doing, but don't let your emotions fade away.

- American politicians know about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. They know that Israel is occupying a land that belongs to Palestinians, and they very well know of the tragedy that's happening in Gaza. But they are after all American politicians. The real tragedy to them is when they stop seeing cash flowing into their pockets.

- Democratic countries win wars. Very rarely can one find a country led by dictators winning wars, at least that's been the case in the past century or so.

I've been thinking for so long of what's the best way to end the most famous conflict, previously known as the Arab-Israeli conflict, later known as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and now known in the media as the Hamas-Israeli conflict. You are very wrong if you think for a second of the conflict as a Hamas or a Palestinian-only issue, this is an Arab issue or else you wouldn't be feeling the anger from every corner of the Arab world. I can tell you one thing, if Israel has truly been the victim, if Israelis were the ones suffering and losing their kids one after another, you'll be finding world conference being held on urgent basis to solve the issue. You'll find leaders taking risky trips to the region to stop the fighting.
Enough said.

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* The demand on the closing of the embassy is just a temporary immediate response by the people caused by their emotions.

It is not a solution to the problem, it is just a method used to send a message that they do not accept the humanitarian crisis done by the Israeli forces in Gaza.

This is not the best way to send this message, hence it will disturb communications in the region which is not a step in the right direction.

And that is why the government is against it, hence the government base their actions on logical thinking that results for the greater good.

* Being elected democratically doesn't justify you to do what ever you want, it means that you are the current official government in the region were the majority has elected you and all governmental processes should go through you.

Plotting goals and plans to whip off your neighboring country of the world map is not acceptable, and you would be recognized as a terrorist organization (hence: spreading terror in the region) whether you were elected democratically or not!

* There is nothing wrong with emotions, it is what is keeping us alive and connected, If I wasn't an emotional person I wouldn't be sharing with you my point of view.

Not all situations can be dealt with in the same way, sometimes people over react and don't think logically and that is what we are trying to avoid.

* Each person has his own point of view, these politicians follow the policies of the government of their country, which is for their best interest.

You also have to put into consideration that Hamas is also guilty of the innocent blood that have been spilled on both sides.

They could have fought the war without risking the innocent people around them, but they decided not to and choose to use them as shelters.

* I don't see how that is connected, but I would say that it is some what true..

Democratic countries are more organized and better structured and the people feel that it is their responsibility to protect their hard work.

But, the most democratic countries, like Scandinavian countries, do not enter wars at all, because they know very well that spilling blood doesn't help any side.

This is my personal approach to the whole situation and I hope you understand it.

Tololy said...

Good post Hareega, I agree with most the things you said, if not all.

I just want to comment on Nizar's remark: "the most democratic countries, like Scandinavian countries, do not enter wars at all, because they know very well that spilling blood doesn't help any side."

That is over-simplistic and would not stand if said countries had supplies cut off, civilians killed, and schools bombed, all the while being treated as the terrorists themselves.

These counties have the good luck of being in a geography that does not involve war, but that doesn't mean they would turn the other cheek if invaded. It's naive to think they would.

hamede said...

For Jordan, it is, after the formal declaration of a plot aimed at Palestine and Jordan, therefore, the country is at a crossroads, and the two options: either to develop a national position and the direction of a national unity government and to begin a campaign of political, diplomatic and conspiracy against the public or the state will find itself in front of the fate of a very difficult one.

Hareega said...

Nizars... actually when you're elected democratically you have the freedom to do whatever you want withing the political agenda you ran with during elections. I don't think closing the embassy is of any value, but the peace treaty was something the people were not asked about and it was a very very important part of our history. If people voted for the peace treaty and for opening the embassy they would not be so demnading in closing it up and kicking out the embassador.

The most democratic countries are countries like France, Britain, the US, Israel. They have kicked a lot of asses in different wars over the past centuries. Some of them are not very democratic, but they sure are democratic countries.

Anonymous said...

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Zubair said...

I dont get time out of my studies to know about palestine and there sufferings. I only know that the muslim people are getting hell there!
I would like to know 1)how it started ;2)what is done till now to bring peace;3)whats the present status 4)and regular update!

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