Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vingada Go Home (Warning: Contains football material)

I found a great deal on Expedia, with a first class ticket from Singapore to Lisbon, operated by Lufthansa
This is the flight our national coach Nelo Vingada should be taking to Lisbon. He should never be allowed to return to Amman. Put him on the no-fly list.

Our team played today in Singapore today in the Asian Cup qualifications, and we lost to their team 2-1. We lost to SINGAPORE (the team that lost 6-0 to Iran the previous game). And just before that, we drew with Thailand in Amman, and just before that ... we were humiliated in the world cup qualifications by Kyrgyzstan, then North Korea....

It's the coach's fault. I blame it all on the coach. We have some great players and they have proved themselves in several occasions. He selected the wrong players (like Bashar Bani Yassine) and excluded great players (like Rafat Ali). The team has no harmony, no music, no specific plan for any specific situation. It looks dead from the first minute of the game.

After the WC qualification disaster, we thought about ending the contract. But when the geniuses at our Football Federation signed his contract the first time, it was to end by the end of 2008. Those idiots did not notice that the qualifications were to start in January 2009, so now we were stuck. We did not want to end his contract just one month before the big qualifications. We renewed the contract and he will remain stay as our national coach despite the terrible job he is doing.


Krystal Bell 541/2 years of age. said...

Thanks for that warning,Hareega.

Hareega said...

you're welcome Krystal, thank you for wathcing Jordanian football