Monday, January 12, 2009

How Some People Spent the Weekend

" When the bombings slowed down a little bit, my friend went outside with his kid and watched some kids in the neighborhood as they were playing. He kept holding his kid in his arms. Suddenly a missile hit the neighborhood. All of those kids outside died. All of them. His kid was hit too and died in his father's arms. His father was holding him in his arms to protect him, but he still died from that missile. They still can't bury the kid, every time they go to bury him they start getting hit by missiles. They've tried three time so far and they still cannot reach the graveyard to bury the kid, so they went back home with the dead kid. They're saying 800 Palestinians died, but it's way more than that. Those 800 are the bodies that were counted, but a lot of bodies were buried under their houses and nobody is counting them, probably they'll never be counted. Houses are filled with dead family members who cannot be buried. Ambulances are being attacked too. Those ambulances carry the red cross sign but they're still getting hit by missiles too. Gaza is 12 miles long, 8 wide, but there are one and half million people trapped inside this hell and people are still blaming them for it "


KJ said...


maroo said...

in hurts soo much when you become speechless :(

Halawa said...

7asbi Allah Wa Ne3m Al wakeel!

Dude, today was the last Mid-Year exam for me, so my friends were like, yallah let's go out to the mall and have some fun, hang around, "get checked out". I was like, No thanks, I'd rather stay home, in solidarity with Gaza. They were like: OH COME ON! "It's none of our business" despite the fact that they were some of the people who were screaming their lungs out in the protests.

They say it out loud like that. So I guess you can't expect anything better than that out of people.

za3tar said...

This is extremely ruthless! Just cold blooded murder. Very barbaric.

Do you have the source for this so i can reference it too please ?

Ali said...

Hi Hareega, they are more than 900 now, you can add a java applet that shows the casualties from both sides. By the way we need more volunteers at Aramex warehouse in Amman to organize the donations sent to Gaza, check my profile and send to your contacts in Jordan

Hareega said...

za3tar, that was a friend talking to me in starbucks.

Ali, thanks for posting about it

Halawa... in my opinion people shouldn't stop what they're doing.

Halawa said...

I didn't say stop, I was pissed at the idea that they wanted to "get checked out", as if this is the time to worry about crap like that. And when they say it's none of their business or whatever, it's stupid & it kills me how superficial & lame people can be.

Haha, I'm not saying okay peeps, go home sit in a corner and cry your eyes out, I'm just saying, pay some respect to the people who are dying right now. Don't fool around, and "try" to realize that there are more important issues that wasting time at a mall and getting checked out.

Nice blog btw, I enjoy reading your posts.

Peace, 7ala.

Hareega said...

thank you for checking Halawa