Thursday, January 22, 2009


Another day in my HIV clinic. A patient walks in for his first visit.

"Mr. Rogers, you have missed several appointments in our clinic here," I said.
"Yes I'm sorry. I spent some time in Kansas, my friend committed suicide"
"Oh I'm sorry"
"Yes, he had a very beautiful wife, he's been married to Marie for 20 years, but his depression kicked in again and this time he couldn't take it anymore. Poor Marie"
"So when did you get HIV Mr. Rogers?"
"In 2006"
"Do you know how did you get it?"
"From Marie"
"Uhmm.... from.... Marie?? "
"Uhm.... Yep, Marie"
(All names and locations have been changed to prevent myself from being thrown in jail and having my medical licence provoked and my clinic bombed)


maroo said...

OMG !!! wala 2sheee !!!
and he is sad for his friend ??!! yey 3lyee ana ;)
by the way , salmtoo

Anonymous said...

Well, you gotta admit that theguy felt sorry for him, I mean he went to Kensas anyways.
I guess that's the way they deal wwith grief in the US

sharkooseh said...

loooooooooooooooooooool ya3ne howeh o marei 3omlo a7la eset 7ob hehehehehehe

haijekov said...

hahahaha ofcourse he had to go to kansas. we wouldn't wanna leave Marie alone now would we?? :D

kinzi said...

Ya salam! God help you in this job!!!Your disclaimer was as funny as the content.

مياسي said...

V Funny really:) and changing the names is the best one:D

The Great Marie!!!

za3tar said...


good thing you added that disclaimer :-p

Sam said...

LOL @ the disclaimer...

Whisper said... he went there to
Support Marie because his FRIEND didn't success,he is some thing this man
from this we know that LOVE some times is not just blind its "7mar kaman" O_o

Hareega said...

maroo alla ysalmek

tha2er... people can deal with grief in very different ways

sharkosseh, yes their love was not very platonic

haijekoc , sure he's very considerate

kinzi, thanks for checking

Myasi, had to change the names

za3tar/Sam, the disclaimer was necessary

Whisper, Love can do strange things to people!!

Anonymous said...

LOL@ marie. Isn't the clinic so much fun? Wallah I'm so thankful for all the amusing people out there making work more fun.

lool HIPPA at its finest.

Hareega said...

HIPPA is crippling. They were nade to protect patients' right now their job is to cripple the system. I sometimes spend 10 minutes trying to find my patient's room because they cannot place it on the board or his room door