Friday, May 19, 2006

Costa Rica.... Can they surprise us again?

Costa Rica - 2006
This is Costa Rica's shocking team in 1990.
Costa Rica made its debut to the World Cup in 1990 after a long struggle in the qualifications. They came in a group with Brazil, Sweden and Scotland.

Just after the draw was made, it seemed clear that Brazil will head the group and Scotland and Sweden will compete for the second place. Very few expected the costa Ricans to score a single point.

Well, they were wrong. After a shocking victory over Sweden 1-0, Costa Rica played a great match and lost 1-0 to Brasil with a difficult goal from Muller. The decisive match came next: Costa Rica vs. Sweden, and Costa Rica stunned the Swedish team lead by Brolin 2-1, making it to the second round in their first participation ever in the World Cup. They lost to the Czeck 4-1 and went back home.

In 2002 they made it again to the finals and they came in the third place only to goal difference to Turkey who made it to the second round with Brasil. That was the strongest group in the World Cup as Brasil and Turkey clinched the first and third places, respectively.

The Costa Ricans are obsessed with football and their government gave the employees a day off on June 9th to allow people to watch the opening ceremoney and Costa Rica's match against Germany.

Half the team play for the club of Saprissa which was the Conacaf champions last year, and if Paulo Wanchope was at his peak performance one should expect a few goals against big teams, like hosts Germany on June 9th.


Batir Wardam said...

Costa Rica does play some attractive football, just like traditional dancing with silky moves and great skills. They will face the hosts and a tough polish side backed with many suppoerters. I reckon they can defeat Ecuador if they can finish-off their chances in a good way.

Hareega said...

Honestly I don't expect them to do much however if Wanchop was playing well he can easily score a few goals and help them advance.