Monday, May 22, 2006

No more Reega

I officially changed my site's name to Hareega. Reega Reega fell off.

The reason I initally chose to name it Reega Reega was the excitment I had when fans were shouting "Reega Reega Reega.... Faislai ya Hareega"

I think Hareega without the Reegas is good enough.

And I still believe Faisali is Hareega ! :)


Anonymous said...

I liked the old one and I like this one ... whatever makes you feel comfortable my dear :)

Hareega rocks!

Anonymous said...

ya faisali is hareega :D
and i changed my blog theme to world cup, check it :d

Madi said...

wakhathna al dawri wakhthna el kas heya heya ya faisali

Roba said...

lol, I'm glad you did! Hareega sounds a lot more em.. suitable for a blog. Reega Reega Hareega could be your slogan.

Rambling Hal said...

Hey, think of it as a rebranding effort, which is always good. Keeps your fans on their toes!

Anonymous said...


Dar said...

What do they usually say in these occasions , " Mabrook " ? will it do here

Natalia said...

For a moment, I thought you were discontinuing your blog... Yay for me being wrong.

Hareega said...

khalidah... shokran khayyeh you rock too :D

wedad yes i just checked it cool title

jad raa7 3alena el dawri hal saneh ya zalameh !

Roba i'll think of another slogan, reega is history now

rambling hal anoo fans yakhti lol abeesh fans

hamde.. alla yNbarek feek :)

Dar... walla mesh 3aref sdhu el wa7ad lazem ye7ki, shu ajak case bel dermatology final?? ana ajaani psoriasis but the lesions were anything but silvery scaly!

natalia thanx for checking my blog :)