Monday, May 29, 2006

How offensive was the Da Vinci Code?

I watched the Da Vinci code movie last week, and I don't regret watching it despite its offensive content.

Why would a Chrisitan like me go to the movies and stand in line (not a long line, but any line is too long for me) and pay to watch a movie which I already knew was offensive?

To start with, the movie is not for everyone to watch. Some anti-Christians might enjoy watching it because they just love any event, movie or novel that raises doubts about Chrisitianity and the holiness of Jesus Christ. Many Chrisitans on the other hand like me are not too knoweldgable to understnad all the references, groups and practices mentioned in the movie/novel. After all, it's one of the movies that you finish watching and still feel there's still too much that you don't know.

The movie is fictional. It doesn't give theories or expalantions and it's not sophisticated enough to discuss the bible or the character of Jesus Christ. I don't know if the novel did but I have not read it.

I find the movie offensive but it doesn't compare to the disrespect towards Christians and Christianity that both athiests and fanatic Chrisitans are responsible for. Chrisitans are being described as idiots, anti-science, women haters, racists and "bush fans", the last one being truly offensive to me at least. On the other hand many practices by the Christian Right lead by George Bush who launched a war that killed more than a 100,000 innocent people for the sake of money, and Pat Robertson and those crazy freaks are also very disturbing and offensive to Chrisitans, and all these practices make any disrespect displayed by the Da Vinci Code seem negligible.

We need to look at the big picture. Da Vicni Code did not kill anyone or destroy their house or
rip someone of his health insurance, and it did not implant hatred and arrogance into the hearts of people. If you want to "save" Christiantiy, movies and novels are not a good a starting point.


bakkouz said...

I watched a documentary called the REAL davinci code the other day and it proves that everything Dan Brown states as facts in his book is indeed all lies and fabrication and has no foundation of truth what so ever :)

قويدر said...

I hope you won't mind the intrusion. I also would like to confirm to you my deepest respect to Christianity, and it's followers.
Now with that said, lets not dismiss some of the facts that have lead to people distrusting the Church, specifically in the middle ages, when people were being burnt at the stake for being so called heretics at the time, and scientists were being executed and tortured with the most severe punishments in the name of God and Jesus Christ.
I have absolutely no doubt that these are NOT the message of peace that Jesus Christ came with, but people kept getting pushed more and more away from the Church due to the sheer number of mistakes done by the Catholic church.
I'm glad that in recent years, the church has taking such huge steps in reform and have actually embraced the advances in science instead of opposing it.
Now, regarding the movie and the story. It fuels pretty much on these matters, it happens to find a point in history and continuously expands conspiracy theories around it, in that it does attract such a huge crowd. But one must always remember, this story is FICTION and Christianity is NOT. We can just look at it and maybe get entertained for a little bit, but only a fool would consider many of the twisted-so-called-truths in it. They're just the imagination of Dan Brown and hold absolutely no merit.

I'm sorry you were offended by the movie, and I totally sympathize with you on this.

Please accept my apology if you find my post offensive and you have my full consent to delete it if you do. With my most sincere apology

kinzi said...

Hi Hareega,

As distasteful as the extreme Christian can be, to say they even compare to a denial of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ - the very essense of the Christian faith - as found in of "The Da Vinci Code", is a stretch.

Just my humble opinion. :)

Hareega said...

bakkouz i don't have to see the REAL davinci code movie, if someone has a good knowledge base in Chrisitanity he would able to argue about the content's of Brown's novel.

kinzi there's nothing in being an "extreme Chrisitan" because I believ the more "extreme" you are in being a Chrisitan the more tolerant and peaceful you will be. However many people labelled as "extreme Chrisitans" like Bush and his group are nothing but a shame to huamnity ( i guess i'm judging people now)

Kwaider... thanks for your reply I totally agree with you on the corruption of some Catholic priests especially in old times, and how benefitial it was to Europe to isolate it from the politics. I always hope that people in the US will have more "chrisitan values" without letting religion invade the world of politics as much as it is doing now. I also wish the same for the Arab World that "muftis" won't affect the political lives of people because they are not helping with their contradictory fatwas. Religious people sometimes hurt the religion that they need to be serving.

Hadeel said...

ya dee el-Da Vinci Code!!!

Anonymous said...

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