Sunday, May 21, 2006

Poland and the Polish Joke

Poland's Team

Grzegorz Lato, The Polish super star who was the top goal scorer of the World Cup in 1974 with 7 goals, ayyam el 3ezz.

Very few people know that not too long time ago, Poland was a World Class team and that they won the bronze in 1974 and 1982 after defeating Brasil and France, respectively. Like most Eastern European teams, their magic didn't last too long and what happened to neighboring Hungary ended up happening to them. The team totally disapeared from the map in the 1990s and came in 2002 with a disasterous performance losing 2-0 to Korea and 4-0 to Portugal. Their victory 3-1 over the US didn't fix things as they were considered one of the weakest teams which particpated in that world cup after they used to be considered serious competitors.

Since then the team had some hope in a few players, especially their outstanding Liverpool goalkeepr Jerzy Dudek. Another striker Tomasz Frankowski scored seven goals for the team during the qualifications to help them qaulify.

And the polish joke?? The coach alla la ya3teeh 3afyeh excluded both of these stars from the team.

The thing that might help Poland get thru this round is their weak group which doesn't look more difficult than their qualification group. All what they need to do is defeat Ecuador and Costa Rica, but there's no way they can get more far than the second round.


TH14 said...

Dudek is shit maybe thats why he was excluded. He cant even get a game a liverpool why do you think he should be first choice for his national team if he hasnt been playing all year - no match fitness. Plus he makes lots of stupid mistakes.

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.