Monday, May 29, 2006

I Hate ART

There are sports that only the rich can play, like golf and tennis, and others that the poor are obsessed about, and mainly that is football (soccer). If football wasn't a sport for the poor, it would never be popular in the world, simply because most of the world is poor.

That's why we find Egyptians calling football El Koora Sharab (Football is Socks) because as kids they were too poor to buy a football so they'd make a small football out of torn socks and start playing with it. That's how the unofrunate kids in third world countries wake up to play football and sleep on the rhythms of its music, and from there we got the most talented players in the world including Pele and Maradona.

The majority of third world countries including Jordan never qualified to the World Cup and it doesn't like they will make it any time soon, but its magic keeps people attracted to it and every 4 years the whole world stands still in front of their screens watching the games to the last second.

As life is becoming more sophisticated and people are becoming more selfish, some money-thirsty selfish bastards like the ART officials have adopted a policy that money and only money is what they care for all and they would never compromise to allow local TV stations to broadcast the matches, despite that more than half Arabs cannot afford to pay a quarter of the expenses that ART is suggesting, unlike the situation in the US where the majority of people can afford to get a cable and watch the major American football and NBA matches.

For more than ten years ART has been preventing Arabs from watching important matches and I'm afraid that football is becoming a sport for the rich, being watched by the rich and played by the rich and poor people should find another sport to cheer for, maybe sba3 7jaar seems like a good option.


TH14 said...

this is due to the very high price companies like ART have to pay for rights to broadcast games.

Sky(BSKYB UK) just paid 1.7 billion quid to renew their contract for UK rights to the premiership, and that doesnt even include all live games.

mohammed said...

i wish all that money ...or even some of it, just goes to palestine, or at least to poor people...or you know what?? at least to a house with hareegah in it!

Natalia said...

I love footie. And the players' legs. ;) And anyway, Roman Abramovich owns Chelsea, so the rich and the poor are in this madness together.

Hareega said...

the14 i watch the premership and 7 other leagues in europe and latin america for 12 dollars a month, which is nothing in america. The price for watching the world cup inArab countries is unbelievable.

natalia, I hope Abarmovich would buy ART

Rambling Hal said...

Hareega you're absolutely right - there is so little in this world to look forward to sometimes, and some people have such simple joys - to take away our right to view something we look forward to every 4 years is awful. God damn monopolisation.

Terrace guy said...

I think ART have the right to do that , they paid millions to get the royalties and they deserve to get there money back - it is a very legitimate business decision, ART represent pay tv and basically this is the core of its business

Reem said...

I never thought of this. But I totally agree with you. I was never interested in watching football games, but its sooooo true, it's really unfair how the poor always end up deprived from their very basics needs for the greedy "wales" who just want to collect more money.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. And just to add to what you have, ART is asking restaurants and bars that want to show the World Cup to pay a fee of JD4,000.

Hareega said...

For all those who say that it's their right, I agree it's their right but they are abusing it, just like the selfish ruler who has the right to put people in prison and he's doing it blindly.

My point is that ART do not give a damn about the Arabic viewer, their message is "if you don't have money screw you we are a channel for the rich", and you defnitely need to be rich to pay 340 JDs in Jordan, that's more thna the monthly salary of at least half Jordanians and a lot of other Arabs especially in non-gulf countries.

The Arabic viwer would never mind and would totally understand if the half hour before the game and 15 minutes in between and the half hour after the game were filled commercials, he even wouldn't mind seeing commercial lines running on the bottom of the screen during any game. Fro 64 games being played in the world cup and each match being watched by at tens of millions of people, that's at least hundreds of millions for ART.

Again the poor who have the most passion for the game are the biggest losers.

Firas said...

I thought you were saying: I hate ARTs, like liberal Arts and stuff!lol

Anyways, welcome to the new world order

nadav said...

i'm from israel, and here they charge about 80$ to watch 52 world cup games. 12 games (including the final) are broadcasted in free channels.

i also think it is outragous to pay so much money for world cup. that's why all israelis will watch in bars, restaurants, etc.

at least next world cup will be for free (the EBA bought it, and most national channels in the world belong to EBA).

Anonymous said...

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