Monday, June 12, 2006

A few changes in Hareega

Given the first anniversary of my blog (could be the last), I made a survery last week that 37 readers kindly responded to. I'll review the results here,

Readers particpating in survery: 37
Males: 20 (54%)
Females: 16
Uncertain of sex : 1 (for medical consults contact me from 9-5 on weekdays)

How often do you visit Hareega's blog?

Almost everyday- 30% (11)
Once or twice weekly - 48% (18)
Once or twice a month - 10% (4)
Very rarely - 10% (4)

What attracts you most in hareega's blog?
Sports 3% (3)
Politics 12% (11)
Personal stories in work 33 (36.67%)
Personal stories in social life 33 (36.67%)
Pictures 11%

What keeps away or "what is repulsive" in hareega's blog? (37 responses)

Sports - 12
The language used - 5
Blogging in Arabic- 1
Political opinion - 4
The design of the blog- 6
The quality of articles is weak - 1

If hareega was kicked out from Jordan Planet, would you still read his blog?
Yes 30 (81.08%)
No 7 (18.92%)

Select all that applies to hareega
(37 responses)

Arrogant 0 - thanx!
Funny 33
Knowledgable 22
Tabarah (Not well-knoweldgable) 4
Critical 12
Emotional 10
Creative 30
Boring 0 - thanx!

Should hareega blog in Arabic or English or both?

Blog in both - 32 (86.49%)
Stop blogging in Enlgish - 2 (5.41%)
Stop blogging in Arabic - 3 (8.11%)

How old are you?

Younger than 19 - 3 (8.11%)
20-25 - 16 (43.24%)
26-30 - 8 (21.62%)
31-40 - 6 (16.22%)
Older than 40 - 3 (8.11%)
Older than 60?? (keefak yaba??) - 1 (2.70%)

Where do you live most times of the year?

Jordan - 21 (58.33%)
The Gulf (e.g. Dubai belongs to the gulf) - 1 (2.78%)
Europe - 3 (8.33%)
USA - 11 (30.56%)

Have you ever advised someone to visit my blog?

Yes - 19 (52.78%)
No - 13 (36.11%)
No, but I will - 4 (11.11%)
No and I won't- 0 (0.00%)

Check all what hareega should do to imrpove the quality of the blog?
(37 responses)

Change the design of the blog- 9
Separate from and make his own site like eben 3ammo el megresh jameed - 4
Starts taking own pictures from his own digital camera - 16
Blog more often -on daily basis- 15
Join toot - 3
Reply to any comment posted in his blog even if it doesn't need a reply - 5
Post my own personal unpublished selection of steamy pictures for Hayfa Wahbi -3

In case you check Jordan Planet regularly, where do you place Hareega's blog?

Top 20% (or top 15 blogs) - 25 (78.12%)
20-40% - 5 (15.62%)
40-75% - 2 (6.25%)
Bottom 25% -0 (0.00%)

My comments on the survey-
I should be very impressed especially by the encouraging percentages, but the bias here is that most people who answered this survey are those who visit my blog more or less regularly (78% visit it at least once weekly), and most of those who do that like my blog to some extent and find something interesting in it. So if 78% mentioned that my blog is among the top 20% that doesn;t reflect the opinion of all JP visitors but rather my readers' opinion.
I think that bias applies to all blog surverys.

However I thank you all for all the great comments you've mentioned. I'll comment on them down here.

Comments in the survery-

I loved the Reega Reega Hareega soo much. Then i read the arabic article about the RJ plane, and liked it:), that's what made me keep on checking your blog, and i wish you put that Reega Reega Hareega the way it was before.

ur aggessive,not that offensive,extremely amusing,but i could hate u if thats ur cousin..

القصص بشكل رئيسي . أسلوبك كثير حلو والأفكار اللي في أغلب القصص روعة

في كلمات سفالة في بعض المواضيع :) .. لو تشفرها بيكون أفضل
على راسي كزدرة <-- بلاش يعظني التشلب في
You keep tricking me into reading stories about football by the titles, i.e. "my love story with argentina" I click on it, and it's not about love or argentina, it's about football! Ugh! ;) PS. I like the work stories.

Very funny and insightful. Keep it up.

You're a little rude

Ebn 3ammo il migrish ya 3ars! walak kolha 30 dollars per year ya 7asood

i love your stories in Arabic they crack me up because you don't use fusha and your style is great in writing personal stories, keep it up :)

i think u have a sense of sarcasim more than anything else

Good job on the blog ya Hareegah

the article in arabic about your travel experiences.. made me laugh out loud.. brought me here again

faress kaifak , ana kont fee madrastak, akbar minnak, bloggak awwal blog garaitoo fil 3alam , wa inta wa iyas "inspired" mo7awaleh bloggawieyyeh ya2sseh (shaffaret esem el blog i didn't know if the author wanted his comment to published or not)

oh that is harsh! Post a pic of yourself. Sometimes I always wonder what the fellow Jordan bloggers look like :)

Well, you know I didn't like the tag-thing, but nothing you've written has kept me away!

Yikes! Know Kinzi continues to be a regular reader despite the dog

I like hearing a Jordanians American experience, and your comments on other blogs


good story teller, i enjoy ur arabic blogs

I love your blog mate... keep up the good work

i like your emotional side, keep it on :)

actually i love your posts ...u blog exacxtly what i feel like soo many times in many issues as if u speak "me",like to grab from your knowledge, experience and mostly your passion for things keep it up ! btw ana fada7tak 3ind your sis miso and told her you have this blog :D tc.. TabooQueen

hareega: one day i'll kill you :)

I really like your blog and jameed's blog.. i think inkom 3elleh 5alseen (in a good sense) :D keep the good work hareega.

Final Comment:

I highly appreciate your time in answering this survery and I'll do the best I can to make more enjoyable. Therefore I'll go for less sports althoguh I'd feel like betraying myself doing that. I'll also try being more easy on the language and make my blog PG-13 instead of PG-21 as it is now.

And I promise : no more tags asking about the color of your underwear.

I really hate the design of my blog, I'll ask for technical help form my Jameed on how to make my own website as long as it costs less than the price of a burritto a month.


Anonymous said...

"hareega: one day i'll kill you :)"

za3moot 100%


Anonymous said...

someone called you 3ars :D

the cost of hosting will be less than a a burrito per month. the cost of consultation on that is different.

Anonymous said...

"my love story with argentina" I click on it, and it's not about love or argentina, it's about football! Ugh! ;)

LOL, there's only one person I know who is a reader of your blog who says "UGH" a lot! :D

Anonymous said...

Actually, Hamzeh, that was me saying "Ugh!"

Hareega, look at it this way, you had 16 women respond and only 12 said "less sports."

You can keep posting about sports, I just won't read it... ;) As long as you don't trick me into it by the title...

Linda said...

hey i dont see a picture yet! whats up? im the one who demanded for that :P

i think every jordan planet blogger should post a pic. of themselves so we can put a face with the name, of course i wouldnt post a pic of myself because it would only turn all of you into stone!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, I guess I was wrong then :D

Blogger said...

When did this survey happend :'(

I've missed it

Now seriously, Hella Iyas ma gheroo Garabtak?

:D tle3na Garabah min b3eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

Hala 3ami HAla ahleen hala

Abu Shreek said...

I have no problem in you posting the name of my blog, but it was a nice gesture to block initially, since that prevented making my sincere comment appear like a shameless plug.

Anonymous said...

leish betsawee "esteftaa2"....sheklo fee Total Quality Managment?
men el a7'er...your sarcasim is more than welcome, it's a way of "tanfees", ba3dein la tsade2 elly be2ullak innak mesh "funny"..your blog is fun to reas most of the times. ana m3almeh ba36eek NIJMEH

Anonymous said...

hi hareega :)

believe me man that i am sorry that didnt participate at the survey.. but to feel unguilty i would like to say that masha2 allah 3aleek !!! welldone man

u got a nice sense of humor and not that also but ur blog reflex a well knnowledged educated and cultured man so keep on it !!

tell u a secret although that i am not a fan of football at all but now i think i like argentina :P:P

what i ask u for is....
plz do continue ur great job and i do suggest on you buddy to add at your blog some horescope links and some IQ test , mysterious topics that would make your blog much powerfull and more enjoyable full of reader everyday not once or twice a week

sorry if i commetted much
i do pass by ur blog daily and added it to my favorites (i liked it )


Hareega said...

nas, i haven't received death threats from him yet!

jameed ma betla3lak wala gersh

rebecca i love to trick people :D I'll keep doing it lol

hamzeh - ma zabatat ma3ak

Linda- i still don't have a digital camera i'm saving all my money to buy the new chalupas from taco bell. anyway i'm fat and bald and wear glasses you can easily imagine me.

firas- hala garabah !

abu shreek man keep up the hard work on ur blog i loved that world cup article big time

bassel thanx a lot for the compliments

feras othman thank you very much, honestly i'm not a great believer in horoscopes except once when a really really good-looking girl asked me about my horoscope and i said Scorpion she said oh my God that totally matches my horoscope i started telling her that i believe in hosroscopes and stars and planets lol khabbaset bel 7aki

Anonymous said...

shekloh el shababb kulha "horny" ..... sometimes this might get ....thorny..if you get what i mean