Monday, June 05, 2006

Up until today.....

Up until today in 1967 one could take a drive from any Jordanian spot to Jersualem with his car, visit the holy places and go for a ride around Palestine and return the same day.

Israel with its support from the US defied the world and invaded the Arab landed and occupied Palestine on this day 39 years ago. The UN clearly condemned this event and ordered the
"Withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict".

Thirty-nine years later, we are still waiting.

People were kicked from their land, cities were occupied and whoever asked for justice was either killed or thrown into jail. Israeli crimes continued and still continue up to this day with killing civilians and throwing bombs and wiping out villages and preventing the injuried and the sick from getting medical help in a land which is not theirs.

If this isn't terrorism, what is terrorism?

Remembering Mahmood Darwish's words.....

سجِّل.. برأسِ الصفحةِ الأولى
أنا لا أكرهُ الناسَ
ولا أسطو على أحدٍ
ولكنّي.. إذا ما جعتُ
آكلُ لحمَ مغتصبي
حذارِ.. حذارِ.. من جوعي
ومن غضبي!!


carole said...

A recap 1st:Just to give u an idea,we now go 30 min to sal6 every '5th' day:):)everyone knows we have better things to do:):)it was ur generation that set the stage for us:)so
I liked the poetry...but maybe we are at the point of ما لجرح بميت

Linda said...

dont know what is said in Arabic but it is so sad how things are and how tthings get even worse. it is not improving and i am wondering if it ever will.

so sad.

hareega said...

carole ... our generation suffered to make sure the generations to come would live a decent and successful life full of 99s in the USMLEs and "PASS" grades in the PLAB :)
I remember once needing the signature of the head of a certain dpeartment and i looked for him all over the hospital eventually found him playing tarneeb in the gynecology changing rooms with 3 other doctors :D
bas walla people there are awesome.

Linda... it's imrpoving for the Israelis big time although they're trying to give the impression they are not. For the Arabs and Palestenians it's getting so much worse although the American tries to hide the truth.

Anonymous said...

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