Monday, June 05, 2006

My story of Love, with Argentina

One of the first things I ever watched on TV and still remember was the 1986 World Cup, and whoever lived during these days could not resist falling in love with the Argentine team and their amazing performance lead by the short super-talented star named Diego Maradona.

I'll never forget their game against England in the quarter-finals when he scored a goal using his hand As people were arguing that this goal should not have been allowed Maradona-ran-through half of the English team and scored the best goal ever in football's history. I feel lucky being able to remember this game which witnessed scoring the most 2 famous goals in football's history.

Argentina made it to the final and defeated Germnay 3-2 and won the World Cup, and since that day I've been waiting for them to win the World Cup again. They came too close in 1990 when they defeated Brazil and Italy and lost the Cup after the stupid referee gave a fake penalty to the Germans in the last minute and gave them the world cup as a gift.

In 1994 the biggest loss was not their easy exit but Maradona's drug scandal hitting again. After the team started with 2 amazing performances defeating Greece 4-0 and powerful Nigeria 2-1 Mardaona's scandal hit and the entire team lost their confidence and lost to Bulgaria and Romania.

In 1998 they came again and defeated England in a spectacular match in the final-8 with Bergkamp's killer in the final minute, again.

The 2002 team had some outstanding players but their amateur coach who lacked previous international experience could not manage being in a difficult group and again, fake penalty as a gift to the Briton's which cost Argentina the World Cup.

In 2006 I'm looking with great hope to this team which relatively lacks experience when compared to the previous teams they had. However they have an outstanding coach (Pekerman) and the special thing about him is that he coached many of the players when they were so young during the three U-21 World Cups that he won with Argentina in the 1990s and 2001.
I'm not expecting Argentina to win but I always hope that they'll prove me wrong and that they'll crash one team after another. The only thing that can defeat them is the lack of spirit, otherwise they have all the factors for becoming World Champions.

And another thing: They can kick some Brazilian ass really hard and I'm so much looking for that.


3aBBaS said...

Finally! someone who Loves Argentina!! Listen Man..if you need a flag..tell me ;)

Linda said...

Hahahahaha! When I first saw the headline of your post on Jordan Planet, I thought, ohhh cool hes gonna talk about his travels to Argentina and tell us about the country :P

Still I learned a lot about the team :)

Luai said...

Only a few more days until the games kickoff! I can't wait!

Hareega said...

3abbas shokran ya aseel, inshalla ya 3azeezi sawfa nozalzel ard almania men ta7t aqdaam el baraziliyyen al jobanaa2

Linda, hopefully one day you'll become and argie fan.

luai i can't wait either i feel the fever of the world cup man i almost became restless last night as i was watching games from previous world cups.

wedad said...

they will not kick the brazilians :) in ur dreams!!

Waleed said...

ARGENTINA , i love this team since ever , and i think we will win this world cup .
and by the way am looking for a flag but i cant find...
lets all support our team ARGENTINA