Saturday, June 10, 2006

Why should one terrorist die and many others live?

The US haunted Zarqawi, chased him from one cave to another, and finally located him using the best intelligence avaiablabe and the most advanced technological devices and succeeded in attacking him and putting an end to him. To this I'm thankful to the US, seriosuly and I'm not being sarcastic, I'm thankful to whoever succeded in putting an end to this terrorist.

Another terrorist organisation called Israel planned an attack on civilians and killed ten of them, four of them being children, and wounded 40 others in one of its plenty terrorist attacks on innocent Palestenians. The suspects are at large, free and celebrating their crime and even receiving cash for it from American taxpayers who are not getting any idea about what's happpening in the "Middle East" because their news media covers stories of a teenager who diappeared in Aruba last year or athelets raping a strip dancer in Duke or celebrities dating each other much more than they cover the story of friendly armed Israeli soldiers killing a terrorist Palestenian child as part of self-defence.

We're living in a day where "innocent" and "Arab" seem contradictory and when people can make a million justifications for killing or torturing an Arab even is he was an innocent child. For the "terrorist" children who surivied the attack on Gaza yesterday, don't expect them to chant for the US or Israel when they grow up...
Expect them to grow up to become ... "terrorists"


Abu Shreek said...

Unfortunately, the definition of the term “terrorism” has been altered to exclude the most dangerous form of terrorism: “State Terrorism”, often practiced by the Zionist state and the U.S.
The latest definition of the word states: (The use of force or violence by a "person or an organized group"…… with the intention of intimidating …). Compared to a more accurate older definition (the calculated use of violence "against civilians" in order to attain goals; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear.)

In addition, notice how the new definition does not mention “against civilians” (which puts any act of legitimate resistance or any form of guerilla war (more feasible option for the weaker and the poorer) on the same level with murders of the likes of Zarqawi.
That Sucks.

Natalia said...

I don't get it. Israel says they didn't mean it. What a load of bollocks that statement is. It was a horrifying incident, and I'm glad it's getting play in the U.S.

Hareega said...

thanx for athe addition abu shreek, man i started hating the word terrorism because it exculded some of the worst criminals in the world.

natalia we're used to these comments from Israel. We had members of their army killing Palestenians walking in the streets or praying in mosques and then they'd call that criminal a psycho. If he was a psycho how the hell he got into the army in the first place?

bassel said...

I aws at my friend's house..waseem haddad, and we were waiting the footbal match, when we saw the kid..huda ghalia, i went out of the house crying...i swear i never felt more helpless

Solomon2 said...

What is a just war and what is not? What is self-defense and what is not? Is Israel permitted any forms of self-defense that isn't immediately labelled "terrorism" by millions of Arabs?

(As for Israel's legitimacy, Hareega has never found a response to my post on the subject.)

In the American Civil War it wasn't the killing alone that sapped the will of the rebel populace, but the swath of destruction inflicted upon the heart of the Confederacy by Sherman's army.

That was a form of terror in and of itself. Hardly anybody died - but everyone realized that the Confederacy couldn't protect its heart and continued resistance would mean eternal ruin.

Zarqawi was killing in the cause of setting up his own empire of killing, much as Saddam did and much as many past dictators who claimed to be Muslims did. Lots of people hated Zarqawi. It may not have been American technology that did him in but his own people.