Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In the house of the MAFIOSO

This is the office/house Joe Bonanno!
A Victim!

I was sitting in a small room in one of the small offices just outside my hospital where we were having a meeting.

I was looking at the wall and I saw a vault (Khazneh).

I asked the secretary there, "what the hell is that vault doing here?"

She answered "We thought it wouldn't be nice to remove it from the wall"

I said "So why was there a vault in the first place??"

She was surprised with the question, smiled, and answered "Heeeey, this office was one of the houses of ...... Joe_Bonanno !

To those who don't know, Joe Bonano was a MAFIA leader who lived in Tucson and died 4 years ago. Somehow our hospital managed to get some of his properties.

Just looking at his vault made me shiver. I had the courage to stand up and touch it. I'm no sissy but really it takes a lot of courage to touch this thing and try 20 times to open it, as I did.

I can't remember anything mentioned in the meeting because I spent the entire time looking at the vault and the walls around me. I then hurried to Blockbuster video to buy all parts of the Godfather.


Guevara said...

Godfather …..I've got the novel on the desk of my bedside with a heap of other favourits .
.this book never fails to grab all my brain cells while reading …amazing script that hooks the reader…you keep on wanting more as you read ..

It was said that Mario Puzo was inspired by Bonnano character when he drew the don image ..

I remember once seeing a documentary about the Mafioso in the states..i remember eating a family size of tortilla, eyes glued to the screen …they mentioned a brief history about the families ..Lucky Luciano and Costello and others … Am hooked in to this world ever since…

sheklo i'll grab the book tonight ....

Omernos said...

that must've felt great!
Imagine the gunshots, the super secretive talk happened among these walls...HEHE


wedad said...

y3ni he is a killer. and they loved him this much to take things u shaglat mn 3ndo!! as a sovinir

carole said...

questi mafiosi sono 'charming',i must admit...but actually they draw more buzz outside Italy than they do inside it...next time try going to a piccollo villagio in Sicilia...u will 'Live' the true Godfather story:):)bs hope we won't hear about the next Bonanoe from Karak:)lol

Linda said...

What up with the God Father being a favorite for so many people. I dont get it. but then o never saw it.


America has a liking to the Mafia. They find it very interesting, hence the Sopranos popularity and the God Father. I dont know why, it just is.

Opairah said...

Godfather, I've played the game month ago. check

its so exciting and amazing

bassel said...

God bless you, you don't take sides against the family....

ba3dain leish 7'ayef kteer..I waish i was in your place cause these things happen for a reason..emmm..maybe it's a sign!!!

just kidding

Hareega said...

Guevara it's always exciting to know abouyt these people and even how some of them was never convicted!

wedad.. yes i know it's a bit funny!

omernos... yes walla shu3oor akho okhto

carole... lol bonano el karaki , that makes a good title for shi7an

Linda MAfia leaders have a lot of power, doing whatever they want, being rich and staying out of jail although everyone knows their criminla history, that's a lot of power and that's what's so attractive about them

opairah i havent' seen it yet to be honest but i will soon.

I went to that house again yesterday they still kep the bathroom as it is and the kitchen man it's awesome to sit on the same toilet seat that a Mafisos has sat on 5 years ago :D

bassel, one day you'll hear about the Mafioso el Ordoni, beddi arfa3 raas el balad :)

bassel said...

wallah el mu7'abarat el ordoneyyeh betgus rasak gabel ma tfakker bel mawdoo3. w 3ala fekrah..what's the name of our intelligence agency?