Thursday, September 07, 2006

Andre Agassi.... Agassi bi bo3dak agassi

Like a tennis ball, he kept bouncing up and down until he finally decided to settle, forever.

Farewell to the last reminder of a generation of legends like Becker, Ivanesevic, Courier, Edberg, Sampras and whoever I used to enjoy watching on Jordan Channel 2.


7ala said...

yeh .. tennis today is not as it was years ago ... I used to watch it on Jordan Ch2 for hours and sometimes for days :)

And yes it was a generation of legends .

7ala said...

I still remember a game between sampras and Becker ... it wasnt a game .. it was a war ... mo 6abee3eyeh !
jd galbat 7arb fi el2akher:)

zakkartny fi ayam ma kont atrok eldraseh w a3od a7dar graf w sanchez , their games were like the men teniss games !

Qwaider قويدر said...

Did you know that Agassi is originally Persian?
Yalla, I hope he doesn't do like Navratilova and retire 28 times :)

Hareega said...

7ala... I can't agree more. I can't remember any boring Grand Slam final, the French Open was the best fo all, and the Graf-Seles matches were the best of all. I had no problem watching tennis for 5 hours a day that time.

Qwaider, yes he even holds the Iranian citizinship! His father played for Iran as a wrestler or a weight-lifter in the past.

lammoush said...

very catchy title

Lubna said...

I love Agassi but never graff. HE finally made the right decision, it was really annoying me to see him play and loose recently.
I loved it when he flew back to where his sister lives, so that he'd shave her head, before the hair starts falling from the therapy, then shaved his own.

hareega said...

lammoush, thanx

lubna, i never knew this story, i just thought he shaved his hair because it made him look more mature!

Lubna said...

I also thought he shaved his head cuz it made him look better, but i read the article and saw the picture of him shaving his sister's head, then his. It was pretty sad sweet.