Sunday, September 10, 2006


One of the few things I remember about working in the emergency room at the VA Hospital in March is the new nickname I got there.

The ER nurses and nursing students used to sit together in their break and start making fun of doctors and we kinda got used to it.

We were 3 doctors in the ER one day, my friend Dan and I and whoever the boss would be during the shift.

One day the three of us were sitting at the doctors' desk waiting for someone to come in. Dan went to get a cup of coffee and on his way he could hear the nurses talking to each other. He came back laughing.

Dan, "Dude, the nurses had a new name for you."
Fares, "What new name?"
Dan, "OK don't get mad, but it's the name of a TV character"
Fares, "What is it?"
Dan, "Uncle Fester" and he burst laughing

I didn't know who Uncle Fester was, so I had to google it. The least thing I could say is that I wasn't happy.

I'm glad I worked there for only one month.

Meet Uncle Fester....


Jad said...


Khalidah said...


No Way ....

Summer said...

i would not be happy either if i was called after Uncle Fester!! i have a feeling they picked this character just because your name is Fares and it is close somehow to Fester..not because of your looks, i am pretty sure.

Linda said...

awww how cute :P

(Tealover) said...

The fisr few lines of this post , reminded me of "Scrubs" the comedy.. actually , the whole post did .

As for uncle Fester .. I guess .. LOL !

Dar said...

Be5la2 men el shabah 40


Lubna said...


Rebecca said...

Considering the medical implications of the word "Fester", I hope the patients didn't hear them calling you that! I don't think they'd want to be treated by a doctor that the nurses nicknamed "Fester".

wedad said...

my first reaction when i saw this Mr. was yeeeeeeeeeeeee ya 7aram ya 7areega.
u need to work on urself more. yalla get married ;)

Mala2e6 said...

u r creative..find a nickname for those nurses khaleehom y7armoo.

Moey said...

wala eshe..

Hareega said...

summer i don't think so, these nurses are meeeeean

tealover i haven't watched scrubs, i hope there wont be uncles festers in it

dar la hassa bas fee 2 dayel 38

Rebecca, not in front of patients or i'll kick their ass

wedad yeah getting married solves all problems these days

mala2e6 i can't these nurses have no mercy , ana wa7ad o hommeh 10 ba5af menhom

ساري said...

If you've watched "Patch Adams", you can learn how to win these nurses as your friends.
The nurses in "Patch Adams" were just mean and treated Patch in an awful way, but with time, with humour and caring for patients, he succeeded in winning the nurses to his side.
You can even try to give them a copy of "Patch Adams" to watch :)
try it.. it might succeed.

Hareega said...

sary i'm actually on good terms with nurses more than most other docs , even this group of nurses were OK but they liked to make fun of everyone to show that they are stronger as a group than doctors!

I watched patch adams long time ago i'll watch again, some of the crap they have in these movies is real but a lot is an oversimplification or an exaggertion about what happens in real.

Ola Medanat said...

uncle fester is part of the addams family, he's cool and likes to blow himself up all the time.. i like him, he's funny and has an infectious laugh.