Tuesday, September 12, 2006

By the Residence of a 9/11 Hijacker

I was driving my car on the Fourth Avenue, one of the busiest places in Tucson, when my friend next to me pointed to a small bulding.

- "Do you know who lived here?" he asked
- "No"
- "Hani Hanjour, do you know who Hani Hanjour is?"
- "Heard of his name, is he a friend of yours?"
- "Fu** NO, he was one of those who hijacked planes on 9/11"

This was shocking. Anyone would be shocked to know that one of those hijackers lived less than 5 minutes away from him.

I looked at the place, and it looked very similar to many other places in the area. It was located right in the middle of an area full of restaurants and night clubs, where thousands of people hang out every night for fun.

I did some search on the guy (when I say search I mean wikipedia and the first 2 sites I get on google) and nothing in his daily life seemed unusal. He lived in Tucson to study English at the Unversity of Arizona before moving to Pheonix then Florida. I go to the fourth avenue on weekends and weekdays and I have probabaly went to dozens of places he has been to. He never had a beard and he probably spoke English fluently with some accent, and hung up with Arabs in town with whome he used to play cards frequently.

I just think and say "Damn! All this applies to me and thousands of young Arab men who live in Tucson. Have we all became suspects just because of this retard?" I even wanted to take a digital photo of his apartment before the usual young-Arab-male-newcomer-to-the-US paranoia prevented me from doing so as this might trigger suspicions.

I kept driving on the fourth avenue, and on my way back home I subconsciously took a wide turn to avoid driving next to that apartment. My paranoia has extremely got worse the last coupe of days, and by the way if a CIA agent is reading this, my name is Jad Choueiri and I'm a singer who lives in Bierut and I'm al-Qaeda member ....... (I just want someone to finish this jerk).



Anonymous said...

"my name is Jad Choueiri and I'm a singer who lives in Bierut and I'm al-Qaeda member ....... (I just want someone to finish this jerk)."

Mo 6abi3i ... you are right LOL

Back to the main topic; I understand exactly what you mean, when this guy was mingling in the crowd as a normal person while planning an ugly inhumane thing like 9/11 ... you would think that we can't really blame the regular people who mixed with him to become suspicious of all other Arab guys who lead almost the same life he did ... come to think of it .. this is really scary ...

(Tealover) said...

I almost spelled my mourning coffee laughing on this ..
"my name is Jad Choueiri and I'm a singer who lives in Bierut and I'm al-Qaeda member ....... (I just want someone to finish this jerk)."

Lets hope CIA would take good care of 'em then !

what are the odds that you ae living next to a hijacker, convicted murderer , even a huanted house .. I'd say plenty ! still .. I can imagine your paranoia ..

Anonymous said...

man !!! you always end up in the wrong places...one time near a house of a mafia guy, then this...what's next....

but the thing with jad chouiri is really really nice.....(--you just want someone to finish this jerk--).

lubna said...


hey Faris,
I unfortunately tagged you:)

Me said...

interesting post with a funny twist at the end!

Hareega said...

Khalidah.... yes it is scary, sometimes I imagine that any Arab or Muslim is considered a terrorist until proven otherwise.

tealover, yes maybe a serial killer lived next to you without you knowing lol. Last June I had a conference in the house of a Mafia leader and I saw his small vualt on the wall!


Bassel... Mesh 3aref walla, maybe i'll find Hitler still alive in the basement

summer, thank you

lubna... I soincerely apologize i can't answer the blog, i once was involoved with the tagging and we had problems! but thanx though

Anonymous said...

boring article... btw we love jad choueiri.. more open minded people like him and we ll have less terrorists he he