Friday, June 22, 2007

Boca Campeon..... khawa

Price to get Riquelme back to play in Boca Juniors.... not sure but it's lots of money

Prize of winning La Copa Libertadores .... not sure but it's also lots and lots of money.

Lifting the cup that Brazilians were dying for on a Brazilian land after crushing a Brazilain champion on their land in Brazil in front of all their fans by an Argentine who can't even shoot a penalty...



Maher said...

Dude...Riquelme is my Fav Player!!
i love this guy!! you enjoy watching him play!!
i really wish and hope he signs for Real madrid , although i am not a madrid fan!

Juan Roman Riquelme..Simply the best!!

Hareega said...

thanx man, watch him in copa america on the 27th argentina is playing USA, he came back to the team after one year, remember he quit after the world cup because his mother got really tired from all the criticism he got after the world cup

Maher said...

i still have no idea why they criticised him that much after the worldcup,
Ronaldinho sucked more but still he wasnt treated that bad.

In my Opinion Riquelme will Lead Messi,Tevez, Aguero to glory again

Note: if you are an argentinian fan, watch our for a kid names Sosa! :>

Hareega said...

maher.. I second that, he played well and they clearly lost their rhythm after peckerman took him against Germnay

I stopped watching skilled kids in football, most of them suck big time by the time they grow up, even owen and rooney look much worse now than they did when they were younger... i hope messi would be an exception