Monday, June 25, 2007

Your shit can save lives

Everyday I come across something in medicine that proves it to be the most disgusting thing on earth.

There's an disease that is becomming more common and aggressive in hospitals called C.diff colitis, basically an inflammation (eltihaab) of the large bowel (colon) caused by the use of antibiotics, any antibiotic can cause it.
It results in severe diarrhea and some patients die from the severe inflammation. The treatment is with antibiotics but that sometimes doesn't work.

Some genius thought of a great idea: place the feces (stool, bel 3arabi shit) of another healthy person into the person's butt so that the normal bacteria can be restored in the colon.

This actually can work extremely well and some patients with severe life-threatening infections can be treated with that. Call the brother or the sister and tell them to donate "a sample of their own feces" that will be taken and placed in their loved one's buttock up his colon so his infection can be treated.

This method is called.... stool transplantation.

Stool transplantation can save lives, or bel 3arabi you can save the life of your loved one by sticking your shit up his butt.

P.S. Another method,
which seems to be very useful, is putting a tube down their nose and giving the feces down that route. Sounds exciting.


salam said...

we watched a program about Hitler the other day and it said that he had chronic pains in his stomach and all his doctors tried everything but nothing worked, until one doctor mde him capsules of medicine from his feces, and it worked!! Hitler, who was knowon to be easily disgusted by anything, and who though he was superior to most mankindwas being treated by swallowing his excretion..awesome isn't it?

Globalorama said...

allah yigrifak. I am not taking antibiotics anymore.

who-sane said...

so basically anyone who catches that disease will eat shit, literally. lol

M Kilany said...

7areega, this brings to mind one thing I've always wanted to know ya man... I know that people used to drink Camels milk and (pee ya3ni el farafeer LOL) when they got sick is there any medical explanation for that... I think they still do in the desert...

Mohanned said...

mmmm, my coffee never tasted soo good.

Hareega said...

salam... makes sense, although at Hitler's time i would really doubt him to have had C.diff colitis because there almost no antiiotics available, maybe penicillin was the only one.

globalroma... yeah stay away from antibiotics

who-sane ... exactly, you gotta shit in his mouth for him to be cured

m kilany, really i cannot come up with any medical expalantion, bacteria can be helpful and can kill other bacteria, but you need a good study to find out, good like finding a volunteer though!

mohannad... shu 7atet feeha

7aki Fadi said...

ew ew ew ew.

Does it have to be human feces?

Mala2e6 said...

مش عاارفة بس بحسك بتستمع و انت بتحكي بهيك مواضيع

يا زلمة قلبت معدتي


يعني فكرة برضة تقلب المعدة بيصير التحتاني فوقاني و بعالج نفسي بنفسي لو صار عندي كولايتس

انا لا اتعاطى الانتيبيوتكس لو بموت

Hareega said...

7aki fadi, yes the study invvolved human feces from a sibling, literally someone has to shit in his brother's face to help him

mala2e6... for some reason i do, disgusting things attract me :D

HD said...

Estrogen Shots are actually the hormone extracts of pregnant women Urine. am I right?
so I mean using body outcome for treatment purposes is there. we just don't want to know about it. :-P

Lamoos said...


PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

wa333! why did i come here first thing in the morning! gol3aaaaaaaaaaa6!

Jasmina said...

Yukkkk, bas if it comes to life saving, I can accept that from my future husband only, beseer? ewww again. Alla la yebtalina..