Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Words ... It's all the power of words

That is poetry

Here's a selection of some good poems, strong words , strong opinions, and plenty of talent.

احترامي للحرامي

This Saudi poet expresses, ironically, his utmost respect for the thieves that steal but they survive punishment for a very good reason.


Maybe you've heard this poem before, maybe not. It's full of sorrow, despair and plenty of anger and more importantly, our anger.
Suheir Hammad, a Palestenian-American ..... talking about the event 9/11 and its aftermath


This guy suffered testicular cancer and he's talking about his treatment story. You can feel lots of passion from the first sentence.
Asia.... (that's his name, I'm not being racist!!)


Who-sane said...

the first one is amazing!

I would've thought he was referring to prince Bandar, the former Saudi ambassador to the US, but apparently it's not as it's been uploaded last April, but a good one nevertheless.

Hareega said...

Unfortunately it matches lots of events and people, you can link it to anhything , wait a couple of months and something new will come up that you can relate this poem to :)

I'm not sure people in Saudi Arabia know about that scandal!

Dima (an oriental blog) said...

Hareega actually this is a Saudi Prince called Msa3ed Bin 3abdel 3aziz. He is very well-know and has a lot of fans. Actually his sister was in my class in school hehe. He has another poem which i like called "althobaba" (The Fly).

Hareega said...

thanx Dima for the infor , did you study in KSA?
It looks to me like half Saudis are princes and princesses

dima (an oriental blog) said...

yea i studied in KSA. lol yea i guess.