Friday, June 08, 2007

Hu is in China?

Time to laugh your ass off!

This Will Never Happen In People Republic Of C.... - More free videos are here


Isam Abu Salhieh said...

yeah ... metacafe is popular in saudi arabia ... being banned and all ...


Mala2e6 said...

he is so smart..just to think that the americans really voted for him..what were they thinking!!

i am waiting to see who will be the next president...maybe beevis or buthead..(ah but they hated the white TVs)

Hareega said...

basita abu salhieh alla be3awedd, mashi 7alak bi ikbis

mala2e6... they didn't vote for him because they thought he's smart, they thought he was tough and can make them secure, turns out the president also has to be smart! a little bit too late

Mala2e6 said...


بدي امشي معك بالموضوغ

اكم سنة بدهم وقت ليكتشفوا انه لا عنده امان ولا قوي ولا محبوب ولا ذكي ولا بطيخ

يعني مع احترامي الشديد للشعب الامريكي الصديق بس رجعوا صوتولو كمان مرة

لنل من رأيي الفكرة انه دير بالك على منحوسك ليجيك الانحس منه

و هدا يمكن عارفين شو دواه و هينا متسليين عالانترنت

انا هيك تفسيري

ولا دولة متل اميركا نازلة تترفش بلعالم يكون رئيسها هيك؟