Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ten proofs you are a Shemsani Kid

Here's my list, feel free to add to it if you want

1- At least once in your life you've complained about the toothpaste.

2- In Jordan you consider 90% of the people as Hafartal.

3- You have some members in your family whose nicknames are RoRo or FoFo or SuSu or something ending with "-oush"

4- You have , at least occasionally, said "ayyyy" after going over a street bump.

5- You describe any insect bigger than an ant as an animal.

6- You consider taking a "sarvees" to the downtown an adventure.

7- You insist on speaking English even if you suck at it and if you had to use lots of "enno"s and "ya3ni"s in it.

8- If you're eating mansaf with your hands with other men you're the most likely person to use both hands, cause a mess in front of him or just end up using a spoon.

9- You can still remember what the word "Khayleh" meant

10- If you're a guy you have, at least once, participated in a physical fight for half an hour without anyone getting hurt, and if you're a girl can easily recall the names of ten hairdressers but can't remember the name of the prime minister.


Maher said...

This is funny!!
and So True! LOL!

Mohanned Al-arabiat said...

Shmesani?Ewww, Shmesani is for 7afartal now;)

Hareega said...

yeah but the term "shmesani kid" is still valid

Globalorama said...


I do some of these things.

and I am Bani Hasan for Jameed's sake...

warak warak said...

I wanna move this to the joke zone.. where is the joke zone here ????


Hareega said...

globalorama... Several studies have proven that people from all ethnicities, families and tribes can be afflicted by becoming shemsani kids, nothing is protective against it, sorry to bear the bad news.

warak warak.. abeesh joke zone hon, ana el moderator here lol, i can ban you here permanently :D

Anonymous said...

Haha! Khayleh...last time I used that was yesterday...and i thought i was immune to shmeisaniism syndrome!

Amer said...

Well mish 90%, 70% :P and im not a shmesani kid haha
and i didnt understand numebr 8 :S

Amer said...

and i just realized that "shmeisani kid" is just an expression lol

batir said...

Eating Mansaf with a spoon is the healthy thing to do. Unfortunately I am forced many times to use my hand to conserve my respect in the local community!

nano1120 said...

So True, i work in shmeisani & see those guys all the time..

Zeina said...

I'm a proud shemisani kid, born and raised in shemisani!

u can add that I've never rode a sarvees (what a shame, i know)... but managed to pick a couple of fights with sarvees drivers ;)