Sunday, March 12, 2006

America is still too sensitive

If there's one thing a simple person can learn from the failed port deal with the Emirati company, it is that Americans in general are still too sensitive to Arabs. Their image of Arabs and Muslims have not changed much since 9/11, if it had not got worse already.

Before you keep on reading, if you think Dubai is a country then you're a very ignorant person and you remind me of those who supported the war on Iraq without knowing its location on the map.

Many foreign companies are already operating US ports, but when it came to an Arab company doing it, 70% of Americans did not like it.
The question we should ask ourselves.... do we blame them?

Most Americans believe that most Muslims are not terrorists but most terrorists are Muslims, and their fear stems from this assumption. They view all Arabs and Muslims as one. Some of them still cannot even describe the difference between an Arab and a Muslim, but the idea of an Arab or a Muslim being responsible for the security of anything is very scary.
Their rejection of this deal was expected in the first place.

As much as I wanted this deal to go through, as much as I don't feel comfortable for something to happen against the will of 70% of the people, but I wish Americans had the same attitude when the war on Iraq occurred in opposition to the will of 95% of the people in the world.

I wonder if Americans would respect it if 70% of Arabs asked their governments to stop selling oil to the US? Wouldn't that makes sense.... if you don't want to make business with us, why should we?


Nas said...

if 70% of arabs asked their government to stop giving the U.S. oil then the 70% of arabs would get beaten up by their governments

manar said...

typically america!

Anonymous said...

I really doubt they would get any respect. And if we don't buy it from you, then what are you going to do drink it?

On the other hand we could just take it from you or let dictators just come in and take it from you. Then we could buy it on the black market for a fraction of the cost for them.

Anonymous said...

If Arab nations stopped selling oil to the United States, they would probably be hurt by it more than the U.S. in the long term.

If continued developments on alternative fuels eventually yield fruit, most of the Arab world will be in a world of hurt.

Really, Arabs have little going for them economically other than petroleum and the pyramids of egypt.

Anonymous said...

Click on the link below ,it is really funny ,even the EC ,they have their differences ,not only us

Hareega said...

anonymous some of what you're saying is true, excpet that the US won't be hurt. The american government went crazy after Saudi Arabia threatened to cut its oil products, and think about it... why would george bush risk 2 major gulf wars and tolerate having saudi leaders as his best friends if it wasn't for their oil and his recognition of how vital it is.