Friday, March 24, 2006

جاحاااتنا و جاجاااتكو برعن سوا

جاحاااتنا و جاجاااتكو برعن سوا
جاجاااتنا و جاااتكو اكلن خرا

I have a gut feeling that Shawerma prices will drop by 50% next week!


Abu 7amarneh said...

هع هع هع هع
Firas,,, this is exactly the situation... 6abbalat

Fadi said...

aaakh shawerma!
ana hada eli hare2li dammi!

Anonymous said...

its funny how you go half way accross the globe then try to find the arabs to befriend them. then they turn out to be losers from the lowest class.. not because they are lazy, which they were back home too.. and that's why they left the country because no one wanted to give them a job back home...but because they also can't speak the language!!!!! so now they have 2 strikes going for them.

Hareega said...

anonymous when you become a bit more sober please clarify your point and its relation to the post!