Sunday, March 19, 2006

برجاس يا قاضي الهوى

I hope you'll like this awesome song
i wrote down the lyrics, try the link
Scoll down and click on the "Free" box -the one beside the Premium box, and wait for 30 seconds for the free download , then click on the Download box
Many thanx to Maha
برجاس يا قاضي الهوى برجااااس .... حنا فدا له ورافعين الراس
ورجالنا عاداتها كيد العدا..... وسيوفنا ضرباتها بالراس

من يومنا وحنا حماة ديارنا سياج ساحتنا وعز جوارنا
وافعالنا في الكون تروي احبارنا وتذكر الغفلان كنو ناسي
ما همنا باللي يحوف دروبنا
واللي يعادينا و ييجي صوبنا
وسيوفنا متولفة عجنودنا
وخيولنا بمراحنا تحتاس
والطامع اللي يريد يلقى رجالنا
واللي يريد يشوف ذوذ افعالنا
يهتز قلبه يوم ييجي برجالنا
ويهابنا من الشديد الباس
الطيب والشومات حنا صحابها
و البوق والغثرات ما نرظى بها
و اهل الوفى والحق حنا حبابها
ما نعاشر البوقان والدساس


hamede said...

Ya it use to be not any more.

Hareega said...

why not man? laish haik ya3ni??

hamede said...

Dont take me wrong i like the song
but al seuf wa al keuol wa wa wa.

Anonymous said...

to be honest, this is a legion in US Army - the outfit is American, it fights the Iraqis in Falluja along with the official US Army, its intelligence spies on the resistance, wherever it is (Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq)...and it protects US bases in Jordan.

Khallisa 3ad, birjas meen wil nas naymeen. Birjas zamaaan ba3

hamede said...

Why palestinians
what this have to do with that
are you sik.

hamede said...

Why palestinians
I,m sorry i meant mentally ill
or disturbed.

Rami said...

"Why Palestinians Usually Get It Wrong"

Is this idiot advertising his post on all Arab blogs or what?

If you go to his/her blog and read "The photogrpahs on the right show Rachel Corrie burning an American flag to show her support of Palestinians"

you will laugh your head out because the photo neither shows a Rachel nor an American flag, let alone a fire (as red as hell I must add) clearly and identifiably. The only identifiable thing is the Israeli mammoth bulldozer kindly supplied by Caterpillar and subsidized by US taxpayer money.

It remains to say that Rachel was there on her own expense - ironic to realise that taxpayer's money was used to kill an American!

Hareega said...

anonymous... if the resistance you mean are those behind killing the innocent in Iraq and the terrorist attacks in Amman then to hell with them , and of course all its supporters.

and life goes on... said...

ohhhh... i love those songs! they make you shiver especially when hearing them abroad!

Anonymous said...