Saturday, January 20, 2007

Five things about me

I finally responded to a tag, yel3an ha!


1- I was exposed to tear gases (3'azaat moseeleh lal dumoo3) a few times in my life, the first one when I was 14 in a football game (Yel3an abu el Faisali 3a abu el wehdaat)

2- When I was a young teen I used to write Sport articles in local Jordanian newspapers (Addustoor El Riyadi and Al Midaan Al Riyadi)

3-I love Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and N-sync, damn I love their songs. I hate myself for that.

4- I once sued a guy by mistake. It was my first car accident and I wanted to make an accident report (Krookah) however I messed up the paper application and sued him by mistake. We had to go to the court in Salt to cancel the case. All I remember about that poor guy is that his mother's name was Ghanameh !!

5- Once in Chicago (when I was 20) at 3 am I was walking back to my apartment and I seriously had to pee so I turned around and did it in the beautiful Lake Michigan . I'm glad we were not caught by the cops or else I would have been charged with public exposure and nuditiy.

thanx oriental blog for the tag


Summer said...

really funny facts about favorite is number 3!! oh and number 5 too!!

Anonymous said...

lol thanks for answering that was interesting!

Hareega said...

summer and, thanx

Batir said...

Hareega do you mean the damn match in 1986 between Faisali and Wehdat? I was there and my school mate died due to the chaos. His name was Omar Aby Hassan God bless his soul.
I used to work at Midan Riyadee and so I have to know you. I used to write my best ever articles about international football. I still have some of those articles.
Our paths are always crossing by.

Batir said...

By the way, regarding point 5 do you know the classic joke about peeing in the US?
It goes like this.
With Clinton visited Jordan the late King Hussein took him in a round trip in the city. Then Clinton showed his appreciation to the country and its people except for one note. He said people were always peeing in the street. The King was annoyed and told Clinton that people in the USA surely pee in the street as well.
Clinton said "never, and in your next visit I will give you a gun and if you find any one peeing shoot him".
The King was enthusiastic and spent hours chasing for anyone until he found one and shot him. Next day the newspapers headlines were :' The Jordanian ambassador in the USA was shot dead"!

Anonymous said...

don't answer tags again! You might end up in jail next time, someone who pees in Lakes and sue the wrong people may have committed a crime or two along the way! LOL, this has to be the funniest revealing post I ever read :) ya zalameh 5af allah, y3ni britney w bejoz afhamha, bas n-sync w bsb????

Lubna said...

ghanameh... hahahahah

kinzi said...

Firas, you REALLY put your reputation on the line here, I don't know if we are ready for this level of transparency like Brittany Spears?:)

And you peed in Lake Michigan? Don't forget the fine for littering in addition to the others!

thanks for the giggles

Hareega said...

Batir... I was not an employye there but I always sent letters and quite a few of them were published (of couyrse in bareed el qorra2 in those last 3 or 4 pages) , some of what I worte was (el seyaseh wal reyadah) and (laytaka tamoot ya boshkash -lol he actually died last year) and a few stupid ones about expectations for the year 2040 , i remember there was a reader from Bag3a called Odeh el Dawleh who used to send fifty million letters every week to al Midan and Addustoor, garafni.
Al-Midan was much more interesting than Addustor, why did it close? No money?

By the way that Faisali-Wehdat game was the one in April 1994 when Faisali won 2-0 and Rateb Awadat had a big fight with Hisham Abdil Men3em and Emad el Zaghal, man galbat Karate bel mal3ab and I was stupid enough to sit with the Wehdati supporters, the fans threw ROCKS on each other, yel3an abooh men yoom , princess Haya was in the game

that joke was HILARIOUS :D

Hareega said...

omar... ba7ebb el ferag el shabbee7a, N-sync remind me of ferqet M3aan lal funoon El Sha3biyyeh

Hareega said...

Lubna ... yeah Ghanameh, I wonder what the hell were her parents doing when they ecided to choose that name

Hareega said...

kinzi, it's FARES not Firas :( i regret that urine accident it was 3 am

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

or public contamination :S isnt there a law for public urination at ur side of the world :P good u werent caught :D il faz3a kanat 7ate3melak azmeh i am sure :|