Saturday, January 20, 2007

Top Ten Reasons Why Jordan Should Have a Nuclear Program

Top ten reasons why Jordan should possess nucelar weapons
(I wrote these by the way)

1-If we make efficient nuclear bombs we can sell them for a good price to build another bridge in Abdoon

2- It will be a different topic to talk about other than the high prices and the influx of Iraqis.

3- Nuclear energy can destroy our women's fertility so they'd stop getting pregant ten times durig their life.

4- It will provide job opportunities for physics teachers in public schools who will otherwise die of starvation.

5- Nuclear explosions produce enormous amounts of heat which most Jordanians cannot afford in this cold winter.

6- Parliament members can use them to threaten each other in their daily fights in the Parliament.

7- It will provide a chance to check if anything can overcome the power of five men farting after finishing a meal at Hashim.

8- A way of following the steps of previous governments: spending lots of money on things that don't help people and will probably never be used.

9- When we're done building the nuclear reactor we can build a big mall next to it.

10- For protection: America can never attack us because it only attacks countries which do not possess weapons of mass destruction.



Madi said...

how about the disadvantages?
your name will not be cool any more and then you have to change it into Nawawii

Anonymous said...

hilarious!!!!! I laughed my ass up on this :D

and I'll add one

We can use the explosion of the nuclear reactor as a lesson to the next generation on how not to follow their ancestors' reckless working habits.

Anonymous said...

lol creative!

Hareega said...

Jad... that would be a cool name, there was a guy called Kemawi in Iraq, but I think they chopped his head off last week!!

omar... gawiyyeh, thanx

Anonymous said...

I love them! you made me really laugh :D

Anonymous said...

yeah, what about disadvantages...

if a 6afeeli is working on the site of the reactor, and tries to take a Uranium rod back home to show others that he really works there!! what would happen if "someone" made a rumor about a leak! you'll find Jordan free of people in less than 3 hours!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally the americans will know that Jordan is not Israel or part of Israel. Good Job Nawawi.. Found your blog today .. read all the previous posts since July 2006.. will keep an eye on your blog.

Anonymous said...

secratea, thanx

bassel, hehe we can set up a whole bunch of tafili nuclear jokes!

nouj, dude sorry that you wasted ur time doing that, but I appreciate your visit, welcome