Thursday, January 25, 2007

Very Medical

In the clinic I was looking for a restroom, couldn't find any

then I found a room next to me , looked like a bathroom from inside, with a label on the door, "Micturition Room"

I asked another resident next to me, "Does this mean this is a bathroom?"

He said, "Yes, but it's just a micturition room, defecation is not allowed :) "


Anonymous said...

congrats for the "new look"..this one is much better than the previous one..

Someone with an attitude said...

I hope you don’t mind asking about your birth date. We are studying how that affects the bloger’s personality.

Maha said...

LOL ...what if you decided you need to defecate while you were micturating??

Anonymous said...

ma fhemet :(

Hareega said...

anonymous... thanx
someone-attitude: i'm 27
maha: probably that possibility was not considered, maybe it should be discussed in the next meeting :D

Summer said...

i like the new look!!!! and that was a funny post!

Lubna said...

Jad! why would there be such a room? is it a joke, or is there something like that 3an jad? If yes, why?

ba3den faris... anonymous asked about your birhtdate,not your age;)

Hareega said...

thanx summer
birthdate: nov 13 1979