Monday, January 22, 2007

Snowing in the Desert

Enjoying their meal, watching a boring football game..... towards the end people stopped eating , and the waiters stopped walking around the tables. Everyone was looking outside in some sort of shock and joy, it was snowing.

Many people spend years and years in Tucson without seeing it, the climate here is much more hot than in Amman, last winter we had a total of 7-10 days of rain and that was it.

Snow is something people very rarely see. We did today. It was awesome.


Anonymous said...

For some reason , I thought of Saudi when I read this post's title , and thought how weird it would be to snow down there !
So I guess .. little kids over there had a blast seeing SNOW for real !
nice template :)

Lubna said...

this template doesn't suit you:(
it's for a classical little poet. Your writings seem to be off beat, and alive. More firefull (if the term exists!)

anyways.. your mabrook il new template :P

an oriental blog said...

When it snowed about 3 or 4 weeks ago in Amman, it was my first time to see snow! I can't describe how amazing it was. I stood gazing at the sky trying to touch the snow and see how does it feel!

whisper said...

when it's snow here in Jordan every minute at night I checked out if it's cover the street or not and when ever a car pass I became angry because if the street became white regardless if the snow only 1 mm height that means I'll take the day off :)

hamede said...

The bears won,is you,r neighbor,s ok,we have snowstorm too.

Emily said...

You had better not been referring to the Colt's game as being boring!!:)

I didn't know it ever snowed in Tuscon. I know it does all the time in Flagstaff. Interesting picture!


hareega said...

emily.... it snows on mount lemon in Tucson we're used to that, but down here in the city itself, no way!

In Flagstaff it snows all the time, it destroys Arizona's reputation of hot weather!

Batir said...

Now after the snow..are you planning to see the other unlikely secret in the US arid zone? I mean area 51 with the famous UFOs?

Anonymous said...

When I heard the weather update on TV, I was in complete shock! Snow in southern Arizona...Snow on cactus! that's amazing!

wedz said...

i love snow......... its not snowing here at all!!!
btw why u changed the template, the one before was good!!

Mala2e6 said...

kaman marra ghayart il look?

tayyeb moehm il content 7eloo

sayer teshbah firas illy be7eb amman..;)

thw weather all around the world is changing..ishi bekhawef

enjoy hareega

bassel said...

why did you change the template's boring this way, i know it's YOUR blog, but i have a right to say my word since i read most of your posts.

and by the way, did it snow in mexico too?

Hareega said...

batir- shu hathi el area 51?

sami-majed... yep snow is beautiful

wedz/mala2e6/bassel... i hated the brown template brown is my worst color , i don't have many options

hassa i'll tryo changing it one more time, i really like a bluish one but the title wouldn't show up with them

remember guys i'm very technologically-challenged, ya doob ba3raf anazell post

Mala2e6 said...

u can change the color of the blogtitle.. just go to the template..if u have blogger beta it is very easy..blogtitle..change color..w na22i..this is nice but a bit dark..

wedz said...

i cant get how you hated the brown template and u've been working and posting on it lake ages!!!
for me its not like i hate templates just iam so moody and need changing all the time :D you can see this from the theme of my blog

wedz said...

if you want move your blog to jeeran :) and i'll help u in the design and theme :D