Monday, January 01, 2007

How some tyrants end

Augusto Pinochet

A man who overthrow an elected government
became a dictator
killed his opponents and tortued his people for 17 years
Introduced the mass graves to Chile
(check this video)
Finally..... he was removed from power
and the time has come for the tyrant to pay the price of his crimes
So he was

Excused from the trial

Left alone

and when he died of natural causes, got a military funeral


Anonymous said...

That's how the civilized world works
God, even Chile, is more civilized than us! Instead of the people celebrating ... here and there!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it matters how much a country is civilized?. The main reason Saddam has been executed in this way is the US military occupation in Iraq. If Saddam's trial had been in a free country, without any political pressure, things would have gone in a different way.

Anonymous said...

The true practice of punishment for a tyrant!!

Anonymous said...

It all depends on the nation! A quick look at Iraq's modern and ancient history tells everything. Unfortunately, "the end" in Iraq will always carry lots of blood and savageness.

Anonymous said...

Reasons why the execution of Saddam is wrong:

1) most Arab leaders deserve the same fate and have slaughtered untold number of political dissidents and innoncent. Yet those brutal regimes considered friendly to US are praised and protected.

2) If Saddam was overthrown by an Iraqi revolt and later executed after a fair trail, then it's the decision of the Iraqi people. Iraq is an American-occupied territory and those who caught saddam and those who hanged him are American invasion soldiers.

3) The Americans and the British killed thousands of innocent Arabs directy or indirectly, by providing bombs to Israel, in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine. Why Saddam? As a matter of fact, the Americans and the Brits killed far more innocents than al-Qaeda can or could kill.

4) Saddam knew too much for the US to let go of him. A life sentence would have given Saddam plenty of time to spill the beans. The Americans refused to turn Saddam over to an international court, like Slobedan, for fear he will not be killed. A trial in a US-occupied Iraq by Saddam's political foes will ensure his execution and all the dirty secrets will die with him.

5) the demeaning visuals associated with the capture of Saddam and his execution, when contrasted with the respectful treatment Slobo the Rapis received, send a disturbing message about the depth of the American hatred for Arabs. Not even Nazi or Imperial Japanese war criminals who committed far more heinous atrocities received this racist treatment.

6) the choice of the first day of Sunni holiday, with US approval, was designed to fan the flames of sectarian hatred, a mission the US and Brits have committed themselves to part of a larger regional strategy to divide and conquer.

Hareega said...

Qwaider, I don't think it's because Chile is more civilizes, it's about our region, the oil, the water, Israel.... you name it, not of that exists in Chile.

issa.... i second that, Iraq is not free, there's no freedom without safety.

summer... ironic isn't it

omar... there was a bloody end for many civilisation all over the world, Nations which were savage changed with time.

Rabee, I strongly agree with most of what you said, but I don't blame America for it all. There are some leaders in Iraq who could had the influence at least for prevent the execution from being taped by phone cameras, or to prevent street thugs from dancing around his corpse like we're living in stone ages. America started it all and is responsible for it, but even thos in power in Iraq now could have made a change if they had some vision.

Anonymous said...

Hareega, under occupation, the invaders, in this case the Americans, stack the deck to their advantage so their own puppets call the shots. of course the Iraqi leadership is to blame for carrying out this execution farce, but it's the invasion forces that call the make the ultimate call as to whether Saddam lives or dies, and I doubt the puppet regime could have delivered any other verdict but an execution.

Anonymous said...

Hareega, I agree, but they're also more civilized apparently. Chile has it's own riches and issues as well, but granted, might not be as much a flash point as anyone in the middle east.
In the end we judge their Reactions, not the reasons for their reactions. And their reactions are more humane and civilized