Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Jordanian and the Jew

I was doing my Thursday morning clinic, and a medical student joined me so I would teach her.

At the end of the day I was finishing my long notes and totally ignoring her because I wanted to leave early (yes I'm so irresponsible) , then she asked , "Your name is Egyptian, are you from there?"

"No, I'm from Jordan"

"Are you Palestenian?"I was thinking how stupid is she , "No, I'm from Jordan so I'm Jordanian"

"I mean originally, are you Jordanian or Palestenian"

Now I thought: I am stupid she is knowledgable.

"I know a lot about the region" she said, as I caught the name (Libermnan) on her name tag (Yes she was with me for 4 hours in the clinic and I didn't check her name)

then she continued, "My husband is from Israel, he's an orthodox Jew, and I'm very liberal, my parents were athiests, it's strange how we got together"

"So how did you guys meet?"

"It was an arranged marriage, just like the ones you have in Jordan, are you married?"

"No thank God"

"Isn't your mother looking for a young beautiful Jordanian woman for you, before you hook up with an American woman who can corrupt you?"

"I told her not to look for one, I'm not getting married now"

"Do you know Kareem the Moroccan guy in 3rd year?


"I was the one who hooked him with his fiancee Anglea, and they're getting married next week!!"

I looked at her and saw satisfaction in her eyes, reminiding me of our grandmothers who bragged about how many couples they have hooked together.

I told her, "Ya Bakht meen Jamma3 Rasain Bil Halaal" and added "that means good for you!"

She said, "Don't worry, I won't look for a Jewish girl for you, I don't want your mother to kill me hehehe"

"No but I'm fine now, I'm single and happy"

"What do you do in your free time?"

"I hang out with friends, watch TV..... and play computer games, just got a bunch of them from Jordan"

"Are they computer games where Hizbullah and Israel throw rockets on each other?"

"Nooooo, it's just football games although that rocket game could be fun"

"Did your mother visit you?"

"Yes she did last year"

"Where did she stay?"

"In my apartment, she was kinda upset that it wasn't very clean, so next day she did all the cleaning and cooked for me"

Then Liberman seemed a bit surprised , "Ooooh that is very Jewish"

"She said if I get married I'll have someone to cook for me and do laundry, and my whole life will become more organized, but she wants a decent girl whose parents are decent people. preferrably someone she knows"

"Oooooh that is very Jewish", she replied as I was packing my things and preparing to leave..... then she added, "maybe I'll start looking for a Jewish girl for you".


Roba said...

LOOOOOOOL! Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

So, that's the only conclusion she came up with?

Doesn't she know that all mothers think the same and do the same things whether they were Jewish or not?

Anonymous said...

w lawaih ma titjawaz..ba3dak 3ayyel?

Anonymous said...

Actually Arab bourgeois traditions as it turns out are not unique to us and are shared by most third world bourgeois societies in Asia. I traveled to many Asians countries and experienced various flavors of traditional Chinese and Malaysian and other asian bourgeois cultures. We are very much alike. I attended Chinese bourgeois weddings on a couple of occasions and was struck by the similarities. I think Asian societies in transition, including Arab ones, have so much in common. so this is not a jewish Jordanian thing exclusively.

Anonymous said...

what can i say? this gurl is weird, she has a weird way of making conclusions

Anonymous said...

to sum up Liberman's assumption that the whole world revolves around them..Oh that's very jewish!

Cool Post Dr. Doctor.

Tell Liberman we said wussup.

Madi said...

"(Yes she was with me for 4 hours in the clinic and I didn't check her name)"

anyway, yes we are very close in many things

Anonymous said...

It's a world wide thing. I agree that traditions and "mothers" are the same everywhere

Anonymous said...

wish u all luck with the new matchmaker

Anonymous said...

بقص ايدي ازا مش قاعدة بدور على عريس لاختها او صحبيتها

يعني و ين ما رحت، ثيرد ورلد ولا فيرست، صواني ولا زولو، نفس التفكير و القصص

ما بدك تتجوز صحيح؟ بعدين انتا من اولها يتقول للبنت انك شب عزابي و متغلب في الطبخ و التنظيف، يا زلمة سوق حالك شوي بجوز رجعتلنا بـ (سو جويش جيرل) بتقولنا شالوم عليخيهم يا جماعة الخير

بدي ادل اعلم فيك، قلها بل سبير تايم بحب اروح جلايدينج و مرات بحب اسلي الختيارية فيل اولد فولكس هاوس، اشي من هل نوع

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

waaaaal, 4 hours and you didn't check her cleavage? :)

etha beddak tetjawwaz gulli 3ashan akoon b3ursak...the best thing you can do now is look for a girl...from anywhere...and try to have kids..live your life and wonder after 30 years why didn't you wait and do all the things you wanted to do...and to all other people saying why can't you do it with her, i say shut up, you just can't, stay single until you feel that you're an endangered species......


Anonymous said...

heheheh,, shklha bedawer 3ala wa7ad elha!! my theology teacher told me that i must marry a jew :) dont ask me why he said so!! a beleiver jew would be perfect for me, i dont mind:D

Anonymous said...

Roba, thanx for reading
Khalidah... yeah i know, i guess she was trying to say that our mothers are alike!

salam... la tgalbeeli el mawaje3

3eed I agree man I interacted with some Indian/ Bangali?philippino families and they basically think the same when it comes to marriage

lammoush... she is weird for many other reasons too, no place to mention them here lol

averroes.... boosal

jad.... balash yroo7 fekrak la b3eed , ya 3aib el shoom :D

oriental blog... yeah it's a mother thing not necessarily a jewish thing

qabbani... thanx man etha lkessatak ma et2ahllet bakhalleeha etsa3dak

Firas.... etha beddak i'll hook you up balki fre7na feeko il jooz

bassel i agree man, i always say shut up

wedz... good luck, i hope you'll find your perfect match !