Sunday, January 21, 2007

Have you seen these pictures before?

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The Hijazi Railway in Ma'an - 1918

Stamp dedicated for the marriage of late King Hussein with Queen Dina -1955

Queen Zain El-Sharaf with Prince Hassan Bin Talal

Meeting In Basman Palace after a failed coup in 1958

King Hussein with King Faisal of Iraq in 1960

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Anonymous said...

I've similar oldies but maybe little more older
will scan and publish them 7aj.

Anonymous said...

Nice, but..KING? Zain el sharaf??

lubna said...

averroes.. hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures!! Part of our National Heritage. Thnx for posting.

Hareega said...

Ooooops I meant Queen Zain el Sharaf, thanx averroes for the note,

and if there's any mokhabarat reading, honest mistake walla sidi

Anonymous said...

King Feisal of Iraq was assassinated in 1958 so a bit difficult for him to be with our King in 1960!!! But enjoyed looking at the pictures. T

Hareega said...

Joladies,,,, thanx for the clarification, i found that picture with the descritpion on ebay!!
maybe it's his soul coming back and that can explain the outrageous price of the picture ;)

Anonymous said...

Man these photos are awesome :D
Thanx for sharing

Anonymous said...

amer... thanx

Anonymous said...

Thanx ,
but the one of king faisel 1960 ???
may be the date is wrong ?
could he be king faisl of saudi ?? no he isd faisel of iraq I can recognize him ...