Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Colors of Terrorism

* Thirty-five young healthy Jordanian men died in the past 3 years from complications after "selling" their kidneys, according to al-Rai.
With help for some agents, they would travel to countries like Egypt and Pakistan where they would sell their organs. Shortly afterwards they died of infections.

To me selling a kidney is just one step closer to selling your kids because of poverty.

* Meanwhile, a biologist in the US committed suicide. He was a "man of interest" in the investigation involving the anthranx bioterrorism attack following 9/11 which killed 5 people.
The FBI believed this man who is white, non-Arab, and non-Muslim, is the person involved in these anthrax attacks.

I hope our government will deal with poverty as a bioterrorist attack and start chasing those involved with shipping 120 Jordanian men outside the country and being responsible for the death of 35 of them.


Hani said...

I cried when i read the news in Alrai. i cried like i never did since my childhood. Of course the article is offering half truths. Many of the victims had their kidneys removed here in jordan at Jordanian government hospitals. and it was suppose to be a legitimate operation. but i guess the official press deems this information too inflammatory. all i can say is that I hope those jews who displaced those Palestinians are happy now. one people's misfortune is another people's paradise.

Hareega said...

hani, I didn't know that their kidneys would be removed in Jordan. That's illegal in Jordan and I thought they were very strictly about it. Besides they can't remove the kidney and keep it hanging there the whole transplatation process should be done right afterwards, and the Jordanian law prohibits organ transplantation from anyone other than an immediate relative or a cadaver.

It's heart-breaking to say the least, really people are giving their flesh away for 3000 JDs which doesn't offer you much these days in Jordan. The expenses they have to pay for the complications they'll get in the future is way over 3000

hani said...

illegal? how do you think they save patients with kidney failure in jordan. they perform kidney transplants. and where do you think jordanian hospitals get their kidneys. from jordanian donors. and why do you think there is an governmental jordanian organization to handle this. because it's legal to donate kidneys in jordan. please, get your facts straight. those were botched operations certesy of jordanian government hospitals and freelance jordanian doctors. this is the mother of all cover ups. hamza hospital is famous for them.

Hareega said...

kidney failure patients survive by dialysis or tranplantation. I didn't say transplantation is illegal and it shouldn't be, but what's illegal is getting it from someone who's not an immediate family member. Now what they can't do is extract the kidney from someone and keep it in a box then move that kidney outside the country to give it to someone else.
Some Jordanians who have kideny failure travel to Egypt and Oakistan where they purchase kidneys. That's been going on for too long and I don't it's illegal in Jordan.
Now you're saying that people are donating kidneys to total strangers in Jordan for money, and the surgery is performed in Jordan. I won't be surprised if this is happening, if you know about someone who's doing so you should report it because it's definitely illegal.