Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This Post is Loaded with F-Words

Whoever is surfing facebook can't help but notice the fuck (religion) groups,
I always get invitations and see some of my 300-or-so friends (in real life, they're 30 or less) join groups condemning the Fuck Islam or Fuck Christianity groups.

To make things clear, I'm definitely against insulting religions this way, that also applies to other religions.
Here's a preview of these groups:

- Facebook Should Delete the Group (Fuck Christianity): 65,000 members

-If facebook didn't delete the group (Fuck Christianity) then fuck facebook: 3800 members

plus a few other groups

Then the Fuck Islam groups:
-If we are 100,000 people they will delete the group (fuck islam): 161,000 members, so apparently they didn't delete the group when it reached 100,000

- hay facebook admin... you should delete the group "fuck islam"directly!: 104,000 members.

- DELETE GROUP FUCK ISLAM NOW : 51,000 members

- facebook,if u dt delete(fuck islam)group..we muslims r gonna leave ur site: 32,000 members.

- " fuck the face book " if they dont close the group of " fuck islam " : 27,000 members

- we r 10000000+,plz delete group (fuck islam) - we r against "fuck islam": 12,000 members

- Facebook please shutdown the Group "fuck islam": 8900 members

- who wants 2 delete the group "fuck islam" invite all and join here!!: 8000 members

- In French: JE QUITTE F.B DANS 1 SEMAINE SI on ne supprime pas le groupe "Fuck islam" !: 7000 members

- Facebook should delete the group ( Fuck Islam ) & ( Fuck Christianity ): 4500 members

- I guess Turkish: ALO facebook!! al sana 1.000.000 kişi SİLİN "fuck islam" grubunu!!!: 4700 members

- If 200000 join dis grp FB will delete the grps fuck islam and christianity!: 4000 members

- Stop Groups (Fuck Islam)and( Fuck Christianity) Religion is for GOD : 3000 members

- "Facebook u have 2 delete the group "fuck islam" immediately" : 2000 members

Going through these groups I imagined there's a gigantic bunch of groups with millions of members cussing Muslims and Chrisitians.

Let's check these groups that stirred rage and anger, it took me a while to reach them because they were really small:

- Fuck Islam: 881 members
- Fuck Chrisitianity: 46 members (to be fair, alter boys were not allowed to join)
- Fuck Judaism: Wow they deleted it! I guess when the founder of facebook's name is Zuckerberger that isn't too surprising.

So, All Christians and Muslims out there who feel good about themselves for protecting their religion: these groups were to go unnoticeable, but you have helped to spread the words "Fuck Christianity and Fuck Islam" much much more than what the founders of these groups have ever dreamt of. So instead of saying "Fuck those groups" I'd like to just say to all Christians and Muslims out there: Fuck you. Fuck you idiots. And Fuck me.
Good night and good luck and truly from the bottom of my heart...fuck you.


Batoul said...

LOL wonderful! (sarcasm)
I agree, they have hangups on the foolish events which expand to become something against our expediency. Never fails. I hate it on ANY religion its just pure disrespectful.

Jad said...

To make things clear, I'm definitely against insulting religions this way,

What's your favorite way then ? PM me :D

Sharkooseh said...

lol jad mo ma32oleen wala mara fakaret haik hehe

hala2 lazem ne3mal group if Muslims and Christians united in one group they will delete (fuck Islam, fuck Christianity groups) :P

Yazan said...

I never gave a fuck about the 'fuck Islam', 'fuck Christianity' fucking groups. At the end of the day, who fucking cares. No one would be fucking hurt. Those fuckers promote those fucking groups by being fucking against them. It's fucking ironic.

P.S. Was checking on how many derivation of the word fuck could I fit into a comment.

Anonymous said...

Jad 3omrak atwal men 3omri lol
lesa bedi as2al


Jad said...

Great minds think alike,only if you weren't anonymous :D

Moey said...

you crack me up :P

NasEr said...

dude ! you ROCK :DDDDDDDD

the ending of the post beats Hilary Clinton's at the DNC,i could hear the crowds in my head cheering dude :D

NasEr said...

"Anonymous" beddak tes2al meen ? :d

Anonymous said...

You are Fucking hilarious man.

Fuck you very much.

Fuck out.


7aki Fadi said...


I love you man, in a very very VERY platonic way.

mazz1983 said...

hi there!
how ya don' ?
nice post ya got heer!

i just came here to say fuck.

no no no
for real though, i just think they're all silly and completely ignore them. i got used to knowing that there are so many "challenged" people on this planet.


NasEr said...

The amount of "fuck"s is overwhelming !!!!!!!! LOL

Maher said...

ma ba3raf eza shofet el group elle kanat te3mal mashakel been el palestanin peeps o el jordanian peeps!
kolhom fayteeen besabsebo 3ala ba3ad

this is just stupid

Hareega said...

Batoul... thanks for agreeing with me too

jad.. hehe don't expect any PM from me soon

sharkosseh... great idea, you can start it hehe did fucking well

Sal.. ytawel 3meerak

moey.. thanks for reading, i don't think we'll see F-loaded posts in your blog for quite some time

Naser.. I am still hoping Hillary will use my ending in her acceptance speech for the 2016 elections

fuckonymous.. thanks for the compliments

7aki fadi... i was hoping you'd skip the platonic way thing, ayy akalna gatleh, but thanks anyway

mazz1983... thank you for expressing yourself, although it appears to me there are at least 3 letters missing from your keyboard

maher.. yes i found these groups, fuck them too, good luck for the cubs this year

ola said...

Those groups are bringing more and more focus to th groups they are demanding to be closed...

You know the hilarious one is: مليون توقيع لإغلاق السفارة الإسرائيلية في عمان

Yeah right!! Now I know why the Palestinians have been struggling for their right for 60 years and things keep gettin worse... THEY HAD NO FACEBOOK!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't like this as much as I usually like your posts.
You don't have to write about this.

Oula said...

thanks for this.. it made my day.. really surprising ending...

Hareega said...

ola.. yes facebook will solve the crisis

anonymous... i couldn't help but talk about it

oula farawati.. thanks for checking

Anonymous said...

Fuck us all, Indeed :D

Hani Obaid said...

How did you know there was a fuck Judaism group if it's deleted?

Hareega said...

hani good question, if you check the fuck islam group you'll find in their description of groups a large number of fuck -this religion- groups, and almost all religions are included, when i clicked on the fuck judaism group it sent me back to my home page! i tried this twice and it did the same for me, so i assumed it was deleted

Hani Obaid said...

Thank you. I'm convinced :)

mab3oos said...

Ramadan Kareem.

p.s. If you are not Muslim, Happy (effing!!) September!

Fawazeer @ mab3oos

Hareega said...

thanks mab3oos, i'll check your fawazeer
and happy ramadan for you too

Ali said...

what the F????
haha ture, I get all these invtitaions about all kinds of F???
that sounds funny actualy writing this

KJ said...

Yeeeeeeeee tfeh tfeh Allahuma inni sa2em LOL!

khouloud said...

Wow, it still amazes me how much interest people in the middle east take in the F word, I bet anyone who typed it just couldn't stop giggling, waaaal

Anyway, I agree, I posted about it once but didn't use the F word kul hal2ad, that must explain the tiny amount of enthusiasm I got from readers, I should go edit.

Isra'a el Qasem said...

7abait ketabatak kteeeeeeeeeeeer ^_^

Anonymous said...

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