Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Worst Diseases You Can Ever Get

So you thought cancer was horrible? You thought AIDS will kill everyone? You were absolutely wrong,

Here are some diseases that make pancreatic cancer sound too benign.

1- Ondine's Curse:
These patients have to voluntarily breathe, and if they forget to they will die. Again, they have to remember to breathe in order to survive. A lot of infants who have the disease just die when they fall asleep.

200 people in the world are currently alive with it, and many of them are adults. They breathe using a breathing machine.

2- Androgen insensitivity syndrome.

If you think you may have some difficulty determining the gender of a person, wait until you hear about this.
People affected with this syndrome are girls who are really beautiful, too feminine-looking, but once they reach puberty they do not have periods.

Externally they are women, they have breasts, a soft voice and no body hair. However they have XY gene, that's the male gene! So genetically they are males but their appearance is that of a female. What happens is that while they were developing in the uterus their body was not responsive to testosterone, and they remained that way. so their testicles shrunk and no penis developed because testosterone is necessary their development. They have no female genital tract (because they are males). Obviously they cannot have children (again, because they are males). This can cause some serious psychological issues!

3- Fatal Familial Insomnia:

This one really really sucks for many reasons. Awful. Awful. Patients look totally normal until they're 40 or 50, then this inherited disease starts showing up. Patient cannot sleep. That's it, they cannot sleep and this lasts sometimes for more than a year. A year without sleep! Eventually they become crazy and all of them die. There is no treatment, sleeping pills even make it worse. Everyone dies. What's worse is that the chance parents will pass it on to their kids is 50%, and because symptoms appear late most patients have already had kids by the time they know they have the disease.

It's worse for the kids, because by the time they're around 20 they know they have a 50-50 chance they'll get this horrible fatal disease in about 10-15 years. How would that feel?

4- Necrophilia:
That's the desire to have sex with corpses (dead people). Sometimes it's so severe that patients may kill people just to have sex with their corpses.
The sexual act was not banned up until 2003 in the UK, and it's still not considered illegal in many states in the US.

5- Panphobia

A lot of people have one form of fear (phobia) to something. People with panphobia have fears of everything. It's the mother of all fears. They have a persistent fear something very bad will happen and to be caused by anything or anyone around them.
After reading about it, I think I developed panphobiaphobia- that is the fear of developing this phobia. I totally made up the term.


These are the ones I could think of for now... ! I promise if I come across anything that will scare the living bejesus out of you I'll be more than happy to tell you about it.
You're welcome.


7aki Fadi said...

CRAZY stuff

Hareega said...

couldn't find any specific syndrome named after people with a 7aki fadi problem, i'm sure there should be one ;) e7em

Simple Me said...


NasEr said...

holy crap !
couple of questions tayeb ,
for Ondine's Curse: how did these 200 manage to breathe while they were infants /kids ? or u could get it at any age ?

and wut about this Necrophilia thing !!!!! are you saying ITS BECOMING illeagle now ??? was it allowed ?!wut da hek !how ? they'd exhume bodies ? and isn't this some kind of ..extreme sexual perversity ya3ne ? i mean could be dealt with through therapyn stuff ?

5 : watch Monk :D.
seriously tho,how do they live these ppl ?if they're afraid of everything?

No_Angel said...

Lesch-Nyhan is a splendid candidate (had to look it up since i know it as the mutilate yourself by self cannibalism disease)

as for necrophylia i don't think it fits in there since it's a psychological rather than physiological and honestly it doesn't seem so harmful to qualify for the worst label, its just morally detestable thats all while it causes lil harm to either (sorry for seeming a bit left field here but really the ones that are getting offended by it are the living ones, the dead person could care less!)

Hareega said...

simple me .. yes it is!

naser...I have no idea, really, but I assume they were resuscitated when they were in the hospital and diagnosed there and were kept on the ventilator since infancy, again just an assumption!
There are also some milder forms of the diseases where people only stop breathing when they're asleep but they're fine when they're awake, i was talking about the most severe form.

About necrophilia, many states did not recognize it was a problem, they didn't know it existed! But a lot of states now label as extreme pronography that is illegal and can be considered as misdemeanour or felony

no-angel: I don't know why you consider psychological disorders being less disasterous than physcial ones, but I totally get your point on necrophilia, yes the dead is already dead so he won't care, but I assume that many necrophiliac patients understand how pervasive and abnormal their sexual desires are, but they just can' resist it.

The Observer said...

Very very interesting!

I remember that I have seen once a cat in the street having sex with another dead cat who were hit by a car and all its inner parts were out. Sorry about the visualization of the incident. I was so disgusted back then and was thinking of how morally corrupted that cat must be! lol

My question to you hareeg, does it consider necrophilia for animals? or do animals have sex with other dead animals without realizing it?

I agree with bambam, it shouldnt be that bad of a problem although I understand that corpse may have rights as well. Maybe people should start donating themselves to necrophilia people after they die. As a mean of doing a good thing. I don't mind giving up mine (dont call me a bitch then).

I was scared the most of Fatal Familial Insomnia! Ewww, I love sleeping the most! It is so scary.

From your list, I think that it is only 3 and 5 are worse than AIDS and Cancer, maybe 1 to a degree as well.

I think Al Zehaimer and Multiple Sceliroces are bad as well.

Thank you for the great post.

Hareega said...

Observer, I have no idea about animals man!
I'll consider your post here as an official request to donate your body as a dildo , hopefully after a long happy life ;) that is very generous from your part. :)

Sharkooseh said...

is that real!!?? i was reading then went to the end of the post to see "i was joking" sentence but i didn't :S

The Observer said...

hareega, print it out and take it to my family then! :P

lost within said...

Man , those are some scary crazy stuff indeed ! the only good thing about those diseases is that I can't doubt me having them coz that's what happens whenever I read of a new disease ! none of the symptoms apply this time wal
7amdolellah !

now I have a question , if a male has the XX genes but has the TDF : testes determining factor, or a female with the XY but lacking the TDF aren't they supposed to be normal people ? it is different from the AIS u mentioned , right?

Yazan said...

The worst disease would most definitely be congenital analgia.
Which is insensitivity to pain.

caroline said...

i think psychosis is also scary...i mean when patients r constantly is a scary world inside their heads!

Hareega said...

sharkoosheh.. i wasn't joking this time!

LW, honestly these genetic problems are too complicated for me to undestand, i know the very basic ones and AIS was one of those that are impssible to forget. There are several types of it with some variability among them.

Yazan, yes that should be horrible!

caroline... pyschosis can be ugly but it's treatble and often curable, which makes it less horrible than the ones I mentioned. But psychiatric disease can be awful sometimes and very very strange. That dissociation by fugue is one of the most interesting things I ever heard of.

Batoul A. said...

Chronic Hiccups sounds hideous too.
Alf al7amdella... More to appreciate in life.

Hani Obaid said...

Very depressing especially 1 and 3.

Moey said...

that is crazy and scary..

7aki Fadi said...


Well it's a phobia of 7aki Malian :p

Mais said...

That's SCARY!! :/

KJ said...

omg this is horrible

Muna said...

late comment:
ondine's curse- could be late onset AND it's associated with neuroblastoma!!
super lucky...

Hareega said...

I don't think this will help me with my boards, but thanks anyway for this piece of information.

Vickie said...

Shoot! It's 3:30 in the morning and I can't sleep. Ha-Ha.

I saw a 60 Minutes episode about the Italian family that has this horrible "sleeping" disease. It really must be terrible.

I can hardly function without a good night's sleep.

Anonymous said...

So the sleeping with the dead thing is HORRIBLE! Ok yeah, maybe it seems more gross because we are living but I wouldn't want someone violating my family member or friend that way. Nasty! It's also morally wrong I think... And yes, I do understand that it's a complusion but then get help, don't just keep doing it sicko!

Anonymous said...

some f!@#ed up stuff man FFI sound bad

Anonymous said...

This is a load of crap; what about ME? And CFS? Both of these involve a lifetime of pain and disability. What about
Motor Nueron Disease? Where your muscles waste away?and AIDS??? WTF? This list is an insult to sufferers of real dibilitating diseases..

Anonymous said...

I would say necrophilia is more of an advantage.

Anonymous said...

Most of the people blamed themselves and god when they got a simple fever or cough.But the information from this blog was very useful and it helps us to know about horrible disease.pray to god for such peoples.

Bassel said...

just watching HOUSE makes me realize the number of rare diseases there is.

Anonymous said...

Where is empty nose? horrible thing...... (cuz only few try treating it, and others just ignore it, but know about it, what's worse, it's caused by doctors, who you trust, so be careful what you sign... and this is very common, but symptoms depend, i think, on your personality and what you doing. but if you lead normal life, you wont be able to. empty nose is a bad-bad-bad thing.....)

weirdo!!! said...

OMG I hate disease number 4 dat really creeped me out and duh pic scared ma too wtf.

Zigzig said...

I think the worst must be when pain is involved (like cancer, leprosy), because pain is a nerve impulse, what makes a human weak and not able to things properly like walking sometimes.

ShadowFX777 said...

hmm... these weren't nearly as brutal as they were interesting...

you left out my favorite disease...
Necrotizing Fasciitis...

It involves painfully dying in a maximum period of time of 4 days in a state where you are feverish, in hellish pain, and rotting away...

Oh, and pus, lots of blisters filled with pus.

Anonymous said...

Eeeeeewwwwwww!! #4 IS GROOOOOOSSSSSSS!!

nj said... man...i didnt know that some1 cud hv so mch of imagination....v good...keep up the work...i guess i olso just discoverd one disease....tritilocomae....the disease of becoming mental and imagining things...i guess you should go for a checkup...jerk

Anonymous said...

wow thats amazing!! I feel so sorry for the people who have these things!!!

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المساعدة المالية لجهات التعاون والأفراد المحتاجين
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2.5٪ لتطبيق البريد الإلكتروني لنا الآن عبر: وسنقوم بذلك
المضي قدما على الفور مع عملية القرض الخاص بك ، يتم تسليم القروض ل
العملاء في غضون 24 إلى 48 ساعة. لتطبيق الاتصال بنا عبر البريد الإلكتروني:

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