Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Gr8 Eight for Michael Toshiba

Michael Phelps is arguably the best athlete that ever existed in the history of mankind, from the days athletes used to wrestle naked in the old Olympics to our day.
Eight gold medals in Beijing, and a total of 14 overall.... beat this Ibrahim Sa3diyyeh.
And he's only 23....
I promise that's my final entry about the Olympics for the hour.


Sel3 said...

WOW, so he did it! this guy is AMAZING, really amazing.

Tala said...

he eats 12 thousands cals a day and every workout he burns 4 thousands, a 6 times human multiple!

Ali said...

That is realy cool but Im sure he has a propper team of trainers behind him other than his talent and hard work

za3tar said...

Yes Michael Phelps is a great Athlete. But i hate it when people say that he is the "best athlete in the world". Because let's face it, swimming offers you the chance to accumulate more medals than almost all of the other olympic sports. So, for example no body who does fencing, or basketball, or whatever can actually get his record because there aren't that many medals in his sport to give out. So the comparison is invalid.

Not to mention, that in addition to his amazing effort, the technology has changed to allow swimmers to go faster and better. This year's swimming pool is deeper than before to allow swimmers to go faster for example.

I am not saying he is not good. He is actually a great swimmer. You can say he is the best swimmer in the world right now, but in no way is he the bests athlete because it is an unfair comparison.

Hareega said...

Za3tar I totally agree with you on the medal thing, not about the technology thing and the new swimsuits because that had made all swimmers faster and not just him.
Mark Spitz who got 7 gold medals in 1972 could have got 8 golds but there wasn't the 50meter freestyle competition that time. Also some athletes were brilliant but didn't particiate in the olympics for various reasons. I think Maradona is a better athlete in general, the problem is that you cannot compare apples to oranges.

za3tar said...

Yeah Hareega I agree with you. I mentioned the enhanced technology for the world record aspect and the historical aspect. What i am trying to say is Phelps for example is now more equipped to run a faster race (because of these advancements) than his predecessors were.

I guess what annoys me a little bit in this ordeal is that i feel it is a bit unfair to the other athletes who are doing a wonderful job but just are not making as much headlines due to this 8 medals thing :-)

Anonymous said...


I found out he is 23 just a few days ago.

caroline said...

The guy is evidently so great el khoury talked about his perfection today in the sermon...and the Bible was about Jesus walking on water mind u...but it actually kinda made sense when he talked about it:)
It is so great that the world is engaged in these olympics,bec sports does bring out the spirit of 'fair game' in all of us,which we need to think with more often.
I root for the Chinese in the gymnastics always,they r just perfect!

ساري said...,101347

Anonymous said...

It's people like him that make me feel good about humanity!
You can achieve what ever you want to, if you put your mind to it.