Thursday, August 14, 2008

Help School Kids in Jordan

Do you know that a lot of school children in Jordan use the very same pencil throughout the whole academic year? They protect it as if it's worth a million bucks, because if they lose it they won't and they can't have any for the wntire year.

I'm not even mentioning books, notebooks, backpacks.....etc

I stole this from Naseem's blog, spread the word


The Action Committee is accepting collections of school supplies to distribute amongst under-privileged students in the Kingdom. The last day to receive any donations is next Tuesday the 19th.

The committee is looking for the following items:

- Backpacks & pencil cases.
- Sweatpants, sweatshirts, socks (for P.E.)
- Pencils, pens, erasers, rulers.
- Notebooks, both English and Arabic.
- Geometry sets (for grades 5 & up).
- Glue sticks, colored pencils & markers.

You can volunteer for this campaign in a couple of ways:
1) Donations: either financially or any of the above mentioned items.
2) Packing the items.
3) Help us distribute the bags.
Also, if you’re a blogger, feel free to re-blog this post on your own blog. Spread the word!
You can contact Sara at 079-5154498


NasEr said...

this is good.

Adnan said...

Isn't it sad that so much money it being looted from the national treasury by people who claim to be patriotic Jordanians. And the price of this looting is nothing short of the loss of the promise of Jordan that for as long as Jordan existed was fulfilled by its once quality public education system. Fact is Jordanian students would never have to go to schools hungry, without books or pencils or leaking roofs or steaming hot classes or have to pay for bus rides or be taught by incompetent wasta-assigned low-IQ retards if there were less corruption by poeple who are so good at shouting Jordan First and waving the flag. If I were in charge I would outlaw shows of patriotism by government officials who are the defenders of an utterly corrupt and utterly despotic system that is slowly turning taking Jordan back after decades of accomplishments. What do you expect when a country is run by traitors whose loyalty to Jordan is directly related to how much they and their tribes can loot from Jordan.

Anrainer said...

Dude, sometimes it is good to have only little at your disposal: you start to waste it otherwise. This is definetely the case when it comes to me and pencils ;-)