Monday, August 11, 2008

There Will Be Blood

With dramatic pictures like the one above, you feel sorry.

This one is taken from the recent Russian-Georgian war, and it might have been easy to guess given that both men are Caucasian and the media is focusing on this recent war. It's a new war, unexpected, involves a big country, so it's worth covering for now.
If it keeps going on for some time, it shouldn't be covered anymore. It becomes boring and TV channels don't want low ratings. Put it on the shelf with Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Kashmir, Colombia, Nigeria, the war on drugs, the war on obesity, the war on illiteracy, and all the other wars that human kind is losing.
Maybe it was easy to guess where the picture above was taken, but I'm sure I can find an almost identical picture taken in so many other places in the world but of people from other ethnicities.
I don't know if photographers are working harder now but we are really seeing some gruesome, bloody, and heart-breaking photos like never before. As humans are showing spectacular ability in different fields in science and medicine, they are also showing some really spectacular abilities in battling and murdering one another and inability to learn from the past.

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:( that is sad!