Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Add this number

Call this number in the US NOW!
Express yourself, speak up. Don't be silent. Your voice might be heard, can't guarantee that though, but you should try.
You won't lose anything, you won't be punished in any way just for the call. You should be free to speak up. SPEAK UP for God's sake. Nobody will know how you feel unless you talk.
I already called. It's your turn. Whether you're in the US or Jordan or anywhere in the world, you should call this number above.


secratea said...

why? if you tell me why, i might try, hehehe :D

Maioush said...

3an jad!! tell us why balki btesra7 feena :D

secratea said...

looooooooooooool@ Maioush, don't tell me you tried it! wallahi 3indik shaja3a aktar minni..ana ma estajrait ajarrib, hehehe :'D

Jad said...

The office is now closed :(
3ad kont 7abeb asabe7 3alieh

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

- hello
- yes, how can i help you ?
- I heard you were looking for a goegraphy teacher who has experience in Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Australia and Austria.
- no , we are not in the moment but if any things comes up i'll keep you informed. any thing else ?
- no , thanks !
- goodbye !


Firas said...

I've called it and got the following message:

Hi, we are busy right now managing #### in Iraq, if you would like us to invade a country next to you,please dial the corresponding number now:

For Iran Press 1
For North Korea Press 2
For Syria Press 3
For Canada Press 4

If you would like to become a snitch, please press 0

If you could help us getting out of Iraq, or have a clue of what the 5555 is going on there, b3arth ukhtak press the hash key

ДншдЬ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ДншдЬ said...

loOOooOOOOOooool, this is becoming so funny. :D

Hareega said...

sorry nanilo and maioush for deleting your comments, i didn't want all readers to know what it is!

7aki Fadi said...

hareega you suck, why did you delete the comments? ya3ni ana ma biddi adfa3 long distance to know HAHAHAHAH...

OH OH call this number
if a guy or girl ever asks you for your number and you don't want to give it to him give him this #..
... 647-476-4910 ...

ra7 toftos do7ok.

NaNilo said...

i knew you would delete it but it ok i didnt call to know the answer i did my own research and i figured it.

what kind of a msg you left them??
can you tell us???

Avery said...

:) you didn't add the international code! however, it was the perfect number i was waiting for to vent out!
umm, and yehreg hareeshak ya rajol :) no offence.

Hareega said...

7aki fadi.... this is hilarious!!!

avery... i know i suck!

nanillo... my conversation with him shall remain private, baini o bain abul jooj ;)