Friday, September 14, 2007

Heart and Mind

Just got back form a lecture about dyslipidemia (high cholesterol) and heart disease.
The talk was great, the speaker is an international expert on this topic. Other doctors and I were invited by a drug company to attend the lecture that took in place in a restaurant in town.

We were served bread with some very good butter, steaks with mashed potatoes and gravey, and had a great dessert with ice-cream and cheesecake.

Feeling of guilt? A little bit. I should have eaten ALL of the ice-cream, it was so good.
Maybe our next lecture about lung disease will be sponsored by Marlboro


Maioush said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Man!! :D i remember those lectures... you guys get a lot if goodies from those drug lectures and fairs :D, i used organize these events, and man i gained a lot if weight.. LOL!

Salamonti said...

Lucy you!
e7na bi3atona glam wela daftar o bi7amlona 10000000000 jmile!
mal3on abohom 3ala abo adweithom hoon!

amma15 said...

LOL, I used to volunteer in a hospital and every week a drug company rep would bring us all those 500 calorie starbucks-like frozen coffee drinks in 3 different flavors and some assorted desserts......but hey they included us volunteers so they get mad respect from me whether they're prioritizing my health or not

Firas said...

Bejooz bedhoom eyyakom teshtaru el dawa ghawa ba3e ma temrathu?

Bas enta mafe khoof 3aleek, enta jay min arth el Mansaf wal Knafeh!

Adoosh said...

LOOOL so how's ur colesterol Doc??

Hareega said...

it's estimated that drug companies paid 5.5 billion dollars in 2004 in sponsoring different events inside the US.
5.5 billion!!
Thye just paid me 1000 dollars plus an airfare to go to a conference to chicago. IT would be more difficult for me to describe them as morons.

i hear you man, in jordan we were a bit more lucky and had lunch in noon conferences every now and then, but really the drugs we used to prescribe in the cancer center were worth 5000 dollars a day, sometimes more
it's a huge business, unfortunately

yeah they destroy your health but teach you how to preserve others' :D

firas... yeah one cardiology fellow sitting next to me told me that he was taking one of their strongest medications although he was pretty healthy.
he was very convinced that these drugs work. He might be right.

adoohs, my cholesterol is so high i'm scared of checking it.

Lubna said...

lol, great one.

Blogger said...

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