Thursday, September 13, 2007

Worse than shit

A week ago, I started sensing a bad smell, a smell worse than shit, coming from my kitchen. I cleaned it, but the smell worse than shit persisted. I cleaned the 3 dishes and 2 glasses I have very well, the smell worse than shit was still there!

I cleaned my fridge and threw everything out, and the smell worse than shit was getting worse.
I cleaned the kitchen closets, the kitchen floor, the kitchen drawers, but the smell worse than shit never went away.

I started having doubts that my neighbors above were killed and that the smell worse than shit was their bodies', but seeing them smoking something suspicious on the balcony proved to me otherwise.

I started thinking it might have been the lizard we killed last week because I didn't throw all of her body out, but I remember the remainder of the body was left in the sitting room and the smell worse than shit was coming only from the kitchen.

Finally I thought to myself I gotta buy a new soap with a powerful scent and clean the whole kitchen the get rid of this smell that is worse than shit.

I threw my old soap in the trash outside. A day later the smell worse than shit started coming from the trash. I picked up the soap and smelled it. It smelled worse than shit.
Morale of the story: never clean your kitchen.


Anonymous said...


Qabbani said...

tell me about it :D

Viva la Fairy ... :D smell good try it

amma15 said...

I'm confused, so it was the soap?

Miss sea lover said...

lol...things r never as they seem...:D

ola said...


Anonymous said...

You still living with a half killed lizard ?? You will have ants problem soon :D

Yasmine said...

LOL 9ar3a inta!

7aki Fadi said...


Hareega, lazim titjawaz inta 3anjad .. LOL .. half the lizard is still in the house????? did it decpmpose willa lissa? HAHAHAHAHA

Lubna said...

good job!

milanoroger said...

After reading this, I think shit smells good, eww!

Hareega said...

amma15... yes it was

noura, i'm hoping the dead lizard would scare the ants (and roaches and snakes and spiders)

7aki fadi.... i think the lizard is a little bit smaller than 2 weeks ago, i can barely see its butt by now

Adoosh said...

Moral of the story:No need to use soap in the first place :P