Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dear our Censorship Hero Mr. Nabil Al-Momani

Thank you for visiting my blog today. You've promised to be a permanent reader and I hope you'll keep your promise.

I'm really surprised about the announcement that you will start watching blogs and everything they contain. I thought you've always done that, but as they say "late better than never."

We need you here. Our Jordanian blogsphere is polluted with cracked, uneducated, totally rude, unpatriotic, anti-freedom ignorant Jordan haters.

I need you here. I need you to teach me to love my country, to watch my words before I regurgitate them in public and hurt my people, and most important of all, I need you to teach me freedom.

I wish you a great day navigating our blogs. I hope to meet you soon and who knows, I'm going to have lunch now so maybe I'll find you in my food and water and then we can have a long chat.

Sincerly yours,
Ignorant Hareega

(And dude, if you're still at work can you please ask someone to arrange all my articles into categories, I never knew how to do that, would really appreciate it)


Ibrahim said...

Dude ...
you rocks!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I'll probably be chastised for thinking out loud- but it would be interesting if the recent popular article regarding healthcare had anything to do with this!

ДншдЬ said...

loool, even here we can consider a full half, we'll get more visitors to our blogs :)

7aki Fadi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
7aki Fadi said...

lol Hareega, that was AWESOME

Asoom said...

LOOOOOOL, hey maybe your readership will increase!

Salamonti said...

lazem i7otok ra2is rabetat alkotab al ordonin

Hareega said...

ibrahim, thanks, you rocks too

anonymous... everything is possible!

ahmed .. hopefully, the worse the censorship the more visitors i'll get

7aki fadi.... thanks yakhti

asoom... exactly!

salamonti... thanks for reading

NaNilo said...

nice way in addressing it man

you forgot to put they soon will also be in the air you breath too.

i dont i thought i read ino they are giving more freedoms for newspapers and stuff like that.