Monday, September 10, 2007

Bin Ladin in Australia

As Bush was visiting Australia (not Austria as Bush misspelled it yesterday), an Australian comedian dressed like Bin Ladin and sneaked to where Bush was staying. Security saw the man and jumped on him and got him arrested.

Bill Maher was joking about it, "they immediately knew he wasn't Bin Ladin, because they were able to catch him"


Batoul said...

looool... nice, il essa kolha 3ala ba3dha mad7akeh sarat. Allah y5zee, bahdal il dnya. Wo I find that Bin Laden guy (fake) with a great sense of humor or fadi ashghal lol.

Anonymous said...

I believe this "incident" made it on US television but not sure how much of it was shown.

It was actually a team of 11 people (with cameras, etc) from a television programme, The Chaser's War on (whatever). The Chaser is very popular here in Australia, where they take the mickey out of a lot of institutions.

The team, in a rented limo flying Canadian flags, approached TWO security blocks and WERE WAVED THROUGH, before stopping outside Bush's hotel, where "Bin Laden" got out of the vehicle.

I think The Chaser's service to our security organisers should have been congratulated - it definitely showed up its weak points. Imagine the possible outcome if they had been a team of christian fundamentalist terrorists!

But, instead, all members of the team were arrested and charged and face gaol terms of up to 6 months.

The Chaser retaliated the following day by "parking" cars around town made of cardboard boxes painted black, with paper plate wheels (aka those made on Playschool, a long running pre-school TV show), complete with little flags.

Footage on television showed the police using long batons to turn them over for inspection. Surprised they didn't come in with the robots to blow them up.

Sadly, Australian democracy and civil rights have been seriously eroding under our current ultra conservative government. Looks like our sense of humour has to go as well.

Maher said...


Hareega said...

anonymous... that was a very interesting update!! I wish people in American would know that it was more than a stupid joke.

Anonymous said...

The entire "incident" was shown on The Chaser's show this evening. Even funnier than the little bit that had been shown on news broadcasts.

Despite $A16m being spent on security for the OPEC .. er.. APEC meeting, the police were incredibly slack.

The "security" men running either side of the limo were wearing security tags, with "JOKE" very clearly printed on them. However, at both security check points, no police even looked at the tags, let alone asked for any identification. And obviously didn't bother even looking at the occupant of the limo, or take any notice of the other 2 vehicles, one being a large van, in the convoy.

When the team approached the front of the hotel, which was much further than they had anticipated, they decided it was time to pull a halt to it by having "Bin Ladin" get out of the limo.

At last the police officers swung into action - by immediately grabbing hold of the arm of one of the "security" men and marching him off, when another police officer quickly came up and grabbed the other arm. "Bin Ladin" was left to follow along behind, unaccosted by any police officers. And at least one other team member obviously left to freely film what was going on.

Personally, I don't think it was a stupid joke. I thought it was very funny.