Tuesday, September 04, 2007

# 40

I started listening to Classicals recently, I loved Mozart's symphony 40,
here's one version of it

and here's another version , with glass!

Great music, but I can't forgive that moron Mozart for stealing it all from Fairuz.


Ammar said...

Try Shostakovich and Rachmaninov..their music is very good..not stolen from Fairuz I promise!

Yazan Ashqar said...

Go for Beethoven's 9th, one of humanity's greatest achievements. Nobody dared to compose any symphony after it, till Brahms came with his 1st, which is excellent also. Go for Beethoven's string quartets, piano sonata(especially the moonlight and pathetique), Chopin's nocturnes, Bach's Cello suites and his Violin concertos, Vivaldi's four seasons, go for Mozart's Requiem, and if you're into operas, go for Wagner's 'The Ring of the Nibelung'

Anonymous said...

Nice music to put rage to sleep, that tight feeling one gets in the chest.I like it.

Hareega said...

ammar, I have their Cds (newest releases :D) they were selling kol 10 Cds for 13 dollar, se3er el fejel

yazan ashqar... I'll listen to that again. I'm not too much into Opera but I have Wagner Cd I'll see if it has the Ring of the Nibelung

batoul ... so true

Salamonti said...

iza fi 3endak majal roo7 3ala7afle 7aie, ishi mosh tabi3i.

Hareega said...

salamonti i've been to some local ones in Amman... good stuff

ياسمين حميد said...

the 1st time I heared it was in some old disney cartoon (even BEFORE hearing the Fairuz version, lol)
I didn't know it was Mozart until years later.