Sunday, October 21, 2007

Avec Saddam

This is an interesting video from the eraly 1980s showing a group of French Parliament members including Nicolas Sarkozy (with the black tie) in Iraq meeting with Saddam Hussein!

And here's the famous clip of Saddam and Rumsfeld


Isam Abu Salhieh said...

This is hardly a surprise ... that was the time of Iraqi Iranian War when USA and Europe were supporting Iraq with Weapons and Politics. Frankly I would have been surprised if Sarkozy wasn't there ... He is probably the most loyal french politictian to the United States in recent french history.

Anonymous said...

You could find another video, which features Donald Rumsfeld sitting and chatting with Saddam

Hareega said...

isam .. starngely enoguh many of the massacres that Saddam committed were those in the 1980s when everyone fully knew about them but they still supported him because he was fighting him, and that makes me realize that the aim of this war was to remove Saddam because he's a dictator is a big lie.

anonymous thanks for the reminder about that video i'll add it