Monday, October 01, 2007

A real black September

قتلناكَ.. يا آخرَ الأنبياءْ
ليسَ جديداً علينا
اغتيالُ الصحابةِ والأولياءْ
فكم من رسولٍ قتلنا..
وكم من إمامٍ..
ذبحناهُ وهوَ يصلّي صلاةَ العشاءْ
فتاريخُنا كلّهُ محنةٌ
وأيامُنا كلُّها كربلاءْ



Summer said...

God Bless your soul, Nasser!

طفيلي( ahmad) said...

I would like ask you a question. What did Nasswer achieved to be described as prophet?. I think he was a great actor and responsible for losing the six day war. He was trying to remove our Royal family in Jordan in 1958 by supporting some of Jordanian army. He killed some of finest scholars in Islam because they preached their own minds. He was acting as only person who could lead people against evil although he put his hand with devil long time ago.

He deserve to be awarded Oscar price as best actor in the world for deceiving millions and millions of people His grandkids have taken over his place to destroy our life by establishing net of un-decent channels like Melody channels

I believe our world would have been much better without this traitors.

Hareega said...

Tafili... I'm defnitely not a "nasiri" and I think he had high hopes for the wrong reason, but I can't help but totally respect him and truly miss his presence in these times.
He believed in national unity. He didn't just preache about it but he worked on it.

On international level he might not be the greatest leader, but as an Arab leader he's difinitely among the best. He did not die rich and that's very rare about Arab leaders. He was not afraid and maybe that lead us to the '67 defeat but at these times we need someone like him or at least with some of his characteristics.

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

الله يرحمك يا سيادة الرئيس

Radi Radi said...

He did not have unity dreams, he was fighting a war in Yemen when he should have had forces protecting Egypt, and he was trying his best to rule the Arab world, whether or not they agreed, thats why he wanted Yemen, to get his hands on the saudi oil.

If he was such a pan-arab nationalist
then why did he try to overthrow the Hashemite family from Jordan and actually did in Iraq.

also, give me one good thing he did for the arabs, not for egypt.

also Khalid Jamal Abdelnasser is a billionaire, and he inhereted huge amounts of money from his father

Maher said...

i believe he is one of the bests!! Wish he is still alive nowadays to see how much we suck!

yuri said...

tafili and radi! I could not say better than what u said! yea! he was nothing but a disgrace! he gave and order to excute "saeed kotob" becuz he said that the soviet will colloaps and that exactly what happened. 2 things to be added he killed saeed kotob when he was above 70 and there was a law that people above 65 in egypt are not to be excuted! when king of saudi heared about that he called abd-allnaser and told him to give send saeed kotob to live in saudi arabia with the king and he will sent him whatever he want in repay! but he lied and said he was already excuted! but he was still alive that time! a lier can not be our idol!