Wednesday, October 31, 2007

To dance with you

I will not dance to this song
I will not dance with you
I will not dance for you
Your lyrics are bullets of death
preying on the breath
of my kids, and your hymn
is not mine
I will not dance to your shrine
your conscience is hard to define
your cruelty, sublime

When we're six feet under
people will remember
who danced to the trumpets
celebrating the Iraqi Auschwitz
and who stood with defiance
in respect
of the sound of silence
of people which
you've erased, you son of a bitch
their souls in heavens will wander
and your soul, no wonder,
will forever rot with you
six feet under


deemco said...

Wow.. very powerful

asoom said...

these are your words? I'm not really into poetry but this is really good!

Hareega said...

thanks for reading!